Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maje Contrast Pant with Zip Cuffs

My latest Gilt order turned out to be a winner!  They are contrast panel pants with zip cuffs made by Maje.  I am actually surprised by them.  I thought they looked very cute, but the size I ordered (only one available that could have worked) might have been too small.  When I first opened the package and took them out, I thought that they would end up going back.  Actually, even when I was half way putting them on, I thought no way they would work out.  But then I put them on all the way and they are actually pretty cool!

My first surprise was actually the material of these pants.  Based on the pictures, I thought they were going to be on the thick side, like some kind of faux leather material on the front.  But they feel like a stretchy satiny material.  The second surprise was that they actually fit lol.  I got them in size 34 which according to the size chart could be borderline too small for me.  I've ordered online enough to know though, that items rarely fit like their size charts state.  My last surprise is that they are quite stretchy and really really comfortable!  It feels like I'm wearing yoga pants.  But they look much more dressed up!  That's pretty much having the best of both worlds.

Oh I guess this last point is somewhat of a surprise - they are ankle pants on the model on Gilt's site, but on me, they are actually longer than full length lol.  I'm 5'5 so the model they used must be like 6 feet tall!

So they have a zipper closure with a clasp on top.  The side zipper pockets are pretty tiny.  Maybe enough for a credit card.

I like that they added the faux pocket on the back, which makes them look a lot dressier.  But seriously, they are like yoga pants lol.

Here's the difference in the two panels:

Zipper cuffs on the inner ankles:

Even on my own photos, the front looks like textured leather or faux leather to me!  

I'm very happy that these worked out!  I was totally prepared to be sending them back.  The Gilt price was $149 (down from $390, it says) which is not all that cheap, so I only wanted to keep them if I loved them.  I still think they are a bit tight fitting, but I am also kind of bloaty right now from that time of month.  So maybe they will fit perfectly next week lol.  The faux leather look does go with a lot of tops I have, and of course black goes with everything.  I am super excited to make outfits with these! 

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