Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lululemon Swiftly Tank, Roll Down Wunder Under Pant, Muscle Hustle Tee

I had been wanting to get the Lululemon Swiftly racerback in space dye heathered fuel green in a while, so I picked it up at the same time as my Tuesday night order.  I'm so happy I got this tank!  I absolutely love the color/print.  I am just really drawn to shades of green like this.  It's like my neutral.

I got this tank in my usual size up - 6.  I have the Swiftly tank in both size 4 and size 6.  For some reason this one feels more like a size 4 even though it's a 6.  So I don't get the more relaxed feel that I like in a usual size 6 in this style.  But I'm going to keep it anyways, just because I'm too lazy to deal with exchanging it.  This one fits fine.  Here it is on me, I still had my jeans and heels on hehe:

I really love the look of this tank up close though!

So what I wanted from Tuesday night's upload was the Roll Down Wunder Under Pant in Coco Pique Fuel Green.  Omg I was so annoyed when I received them.  They look totally different from the online pictures!  Am I crazy to think that the print goes horizontally on the line pictures??

Why does it look vertical in real life???

ARGH!  I hate them.  If I had known that the print was vertical, I would not have bought them.  I just don't like vertical prints in any pant really.  They also feel thin and not cozy like the herringbone printed ones that I already have.  I wanted to get these for casual wear when I go to cold places lol.  But they are thinner than my regular workout bottoms.  I tried to see if they were super see-through in a bend, and I could kind of see the color of my skin showing through as well as the outline of my underwear.  For the stupid $102 price, I can't wait to take them back.  SO disappointing!

Anyway, as seen above, I also picked up the Muscle Hustle Tee from the sale section.  I have to admit that I had been kind of interested in this pineapple tank since it first came out lol.  I know it's kind of weird to have a random pineapple on the shirt, but it's cute?!? 

The white logo makes it more suitable for casual wear too:

I actually tried this tank on the other day when I was at the Beverly Hills store.  They also only had size 6 or above, like the online inventory.  I normally wear size 4 in tanks, but I tried the 6 anyway and it wasn't bad actually.  I don't mind the looser fit at all.  I didn't buy it at the store though, because it was $34 and they marked it down to $29 online.  =P

Here's the tank up close, I had an orange bra on under, so it kind of shows through:

This tank is made of vitasea.  I don't think I have ever owned anything made out of vitasea so we'll see how it wears.  It feels nice to the touch though.  This is one of a few Lululemon tanks I own that I think can truly double up as a non-workout tank.  I'm happy to have scooped it up for the sale price.  Maybe I should get the other print too lol.

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  1. I like the pineapple (I agree that it's cute) and the fact that the tank is semi-transparent. .. it shows off the color and shape of your sport bra! I wish the neckline is not that high though

    1. Yeah I agree, a lower neckline would be better. I think muscle tees all have higher necklines. Too bad!


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