Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Lorna Jane Sophia Excel Top!

Since I love love LOVE my black Lorna Jane Sophia Excel L/Slv Top sooooo much, I just had to get it in shocking pink as well.  I actually almost bought this pink one at the time I bought the black one.  But the sales girl actually told me to go with black if I was only going to have one.  I think she's right.  Black is super cute and looks great over any colored tank under.  Pink can't be worn as much, but whatever, I love it and I will wear it enough!  It's a super flattering fit, and I love the mesh around the neckline/shoulders.  I think this top is totally worth the $75 price tag.

This shocking pink from Lorna Jane is pretty much exactly like Lululemon's senorita pink from a few years ago which was very popular.  It has a bluer undertone than their current hot pink colors.

I think the color looks brighter in person than these online photos from their website.  Here it is on me, over the black embossed manifesto cool racerback from Lululemon back in 2009.  I wore it inside out, and the stitching on the inside is in senorita pink:

I bought this online - they are offering free shipping right now for any order amount.  It shipped really really fast this time.  I got it like the day after I ordered!  They ship from Santa Monica, so same city pretty much.  Last time it took them like 3-4 days just to ship it out so I didn't get my order until about a week later.  This time I didn't even get an email to notify me that it had shipped, and it just showed up lol.  Good sign that they are improving though.  Either that, or I got lucky.  I'm imagining a warehouse guy that goes to the warehouse once a week to gather and ship all the orders, and my order got in right before his trip.  Lol.  Just for the record, I ordered on Thursday morning at 8:22!  =D

So I accidentally ordered it in size small, and I knew immediately after taking it out of the package that it was too big.  Sure enough, I checked my black one and it is size XS.  So I happened to go to Santa Monica on Sunday, and I exchanged it at the store there for the size XS.  Much better now.  The Santa Monica store is much nicer than the Glendale one (the only LJ store I had been to before), because it's bigger, better organized and the sales girls are not pushy.  They actually told me that Lorna Jane has been hearing customer feedback and are in the process of changing their policies.  She said that the no return policy will most likely be changed.  Yay!  That will be so great, it will make me shop there way more.  I think they are doing pretty well in Santa Monica.  The short amount of time I was there, I noticed consistent customers coming in or calling them, and many of them asked for specific items.  So I assumed they were returning customers.  

Anyway, I still had my $16 store credit from a return I did at the Glendale store a while ago.  I wanted to use it, so I bought this Venus Excel tank.  It was $59 which is kind of pricey for a tank with no built in bra, but I used my credit so it made me feel a little better (I hope a part of Lorna Jane's policy change is to lower their tank price).  It's made of honeycomb mesh, my favorite material from Lorna Jane so far.  It is super soft and feels great on.  I got it in color neon melon, which is a bright coral-orange color.  Much brighter in person than these online pictures.  I like the way the back of this tank looks.

I got it in size small.  But I am now not sure if I want to keep it or exchange it for something else.  I didn't really notice in the fitting room because I was in a hurry, but the back doesn't really lay that well. I don't like how it bunches on me.  Sorry, wearing regular bra under this tank.

I love the front and the color though!  We'll see... I might return it for store credit and wait for another honeycomb mesh tank to show up lol.

I tried on this honeycomb mesh shirt at the store and thought it was pretty cute - it's a shirt that is designed to look like you are wearing a sports bra under!  It is the Emily Excel S/Slv top in viola/neon melon.  The fit is blousey and I thought it was pretty cute.  But I have no need for a top like this.  So the white bra the model is wearing is not a part of the shirt.  Only the neon melon bra design is.  It's not an actual bra though.  But cute idea.

So I guess I'll be going back to the store soon to see what else I can find!  Maybe I'll try out a different location next time.


  1. I like the melon color a lot. Lorna Jane is growing on me.

    I just got the Amy tights on sale for $55. They are very opaque and compressive. I don't love the seams on the inside of the legs so I don't think I will use them for running but I think they will work well for weight training.

    1. That's how I feel about Lorna Jane bottoms too - not crazy about the seams or gusset, but do like the opaqueness and compression. The ones I have tried on look pretty slimming too. I do mostly weights anyway so they work for me, but wouldn't wear them to do cardio or yoga/pilates...

    2. I wore the lorna jane capris for weights and a mile run on the treadmill. I loved them. If they had different seams and a gusset, they would be about perfect.

    3. Yeah... for a shorter workout, they are not very bothersome to me. But would of course prefer more comfy seams. When I take off my LJ pants, I see imprints on my skin from the seams. :( The no gusset thing doesn't bother me at all really. I cannot feel the difference and I don't see camel-toe... surprising... I love how they fit the butt though! The curved look on the back of all their crops is super flattering.


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