Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shop My Closet!

I finally had some time today to put up a for sale section on this blog.  Please check it out!  I will be updating it frequently.  I have so much stuff sitting around that are brand new or worn once or twice due to sizing, or whatever other reason.  Sometimes I just buy stuff and never wear it!  So I would love it if you can find something you love from my list and help me make room in my closet for new stuff!  Please contact me if interested!  You can email me at mysuperficialendeavors@gmail.com.

Click here for the sale page.  Or you can just click the For Sale link above to get to that page.


  1. I am so excited to see you are starting a sale page since we are the same size! I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and reviews...I also love clothes and working out (and the gear!!). I recently picked up a couple things I had been wondering about thanks to you. I scored a pair of Track time crops in black with grey down the back and picked up a couple items from Splits59. You look great too! Would love to hear a day/week in the life of the actual food you are eating if it isn't too much work! Take care.

    1. Sure, that's a great idea and would be fun! Don't you love the Track Time crop?? Dang... I tried to get a pair on ebay the other day and got outbid. Maybe it was against you! LOL! Ahhh... well I probably don't need another pair of crops anyway. Though I am eyeing the new Track Attack crops with pinkalicious down the butt! So cute... looks like an updated version of Track Time, with little pocket on the leg. But $98 is quite hefty...

    2. Thanks so much! Omg, the Track Time Crop is amazing! I think the feel of the luxtreme might be my favorite of all my pairs! I got them for a steal which makes it even better! I will definitely check out the Track Attack Crops too since they are so cute, but wonder if the luxtreme will measure up (I agree that they are pricey)...although, my Mod Moves Crops are pretty nice.

    3. Mod Moves are my new favorite crops. I'm debating between getting another pair of them or splurging on the Track Attacks...

    4. I ordered a second pair of Mod Move Crops that just arrived yesterday! :)


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