Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cute Bras & Panties from Victoria's Secret!

I ordered some cute bras and panties from Victoria's Secret during their semi-annual sale last week when they had free shipping over $25.  I received them yesterday and am actually going to keep everything!  I got two bras for very very cheap that I'm happy about.

This Front-Close Multi Way bra is only $19.  I got it in the nude color.  I figure I could always use something like this, and was happy with the price.  The back band is kind of wide though, which I did not know since they don't have a picture of the back.  It's about 2 inches wide.  I've never had any bra with such a side back band, but I think I'll give it a try.

So as the name implies, this bra is removable straps and you can arrange them every which way.

I also got this Cotton Lingerie Push-Up bra.  This was $35.  Not too bad either.  In person though, it looks less pink and more of a highlighter coral type of color.  Not what I expected, but I'm ok with it.

They have matching panties in this print (called happy pink dots) in different styles, I got it in V-String style.  I always like this style since it is pretty comfortable and doesn't dig in on the sides.  Most of my underwear is like this.

I actually got it in fresh green dot too in the same style.  

Another pair of panties I really like are these Lace Back V-String panty.  They are super comfortable and the back is so cute in complete lace.  I really like this color I got - Floral Animal.  It's very different and I love the contrasting colors.

I got the same style in nude color as well.  Might have to get this style in more colors, I love it!

And the last style of panties I got are the cheekies.  I got them mostly to wear while sleeping.  I think this style is very cute, it shows a little bit of butt cheek!  I got it in 2 different color combos as well, first is the lace-waist cheekie panty in pink butterly:

I love this print, it's so girly.  It also looks very victoria's secret, with the pink stripes and all.  I love the lace waist.  I wish I got another pair in the same style, but the other cheekies I got are lace back cheekies, but the waistband is not lace.  It's also very cute though, the back is made of lace entirely.  Very sexy!  I got them in gray daisy print.

And that's all!  I'm so happy for new cute underwear lol.  I have so much of this stuff that I don't buy them often anymore.  But the new stuff is so cute!  I browse through the VS website and feel like getting everything!  I like VS intimates so much better than their clothing... Gotta practice self-control!


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