Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from Bachelorette Weekend in Santa Barbara

I seriously had the best weekend in Santa Barbara.  I didn't feel like doing anything crazy for my bachelorette, so my friends and I decided to go to Santa Barbara where we all went to college and visit the old abode.  When I lived in Santa Barbara, I never realized what a popular bachelorette destination it was!  I was so shocked to see at least 10 groups of girls there for their bachelorette parties.  But I guess it makes sense - it's so beautiful and it's wine country - you can rent out party buses that take you around to the bars or the wineries.  And there's lots of hot guys there!  Hahaha.  Now that I think about it, when I was going to college, we would only hit up the downtown SB bars on college nights which were Thursday nights.  That's probably why I never saw any tourists.

So we drove there on Saturday which is only an hour from my place without traffic.  My friends had bought some spa treatments so we headed straight to the spa.  Actually ended up spending 4 hours there!  It was so relaxing!  I had a body scrub and body wrap, which I had never had before.  When I was being oiled up and wrapped like a mummy then baked like a potatoe, I kept thinking how some people would hate this treatment.  My fiance for one, would be so claustrophobic!  They wrapped me so tight I could not move at all.  I don't usually get claustrophobic, but after about 15 minutes I started getting so hot and kinda started freaking out a little.  I had to give myself pep talks to calm down.  But afterwards it was all worth it because my skin was, and still is, soooooo soft!  I need to do this more often indeed.  We also spent lots of time chilling in the lounge area and drinking tea, and using the sauna, which is why we were there for so long.  But it was the perfect start!

Like I said, I did not feel like partying too much or any of the typical bachelorette stuff.  So we just had dinner and went to get a few drinks afterwards.  On our way home, we decided to stop by Isla Vista, which is the college town about 15 minutes from downtown Santa Barbara.  We visited all the old places we lived, and walked to the party street like we used to!  It was very nostalgic.  But after we saw 3 guys being carried away by ambulances, and almost got stuck in the middle of a fight, we decided we were just too old for that shit.  Oh yeah, somewhere in the mist of all the craziness I managed to lose my driver's license.  So now some happy kid at UCSB is pretending to be me and using my driver's license to buy alcohol.  Great.  Not to mention it costed me 2 hours of waiting at the DMV today to get a replacement driver's license!  If I have kids I will never let them go to a party school like Santa Barbara.  Lol.

Yesterday the weather there was perfect too.  We walked around and shopped and then headed back.  But not until after we went back to Isla Vista and got our favorite breakfast burritos!  We actually used to eat them at 3 or 4 am after a night of partying.  There is a famous burrito place called Free Birds in IV that everyone knows about.  But we prefer this other place called Rosarito.  They all open 24/7 so it's very convenient drunk food.  The portions are huge too, and the price is very reasonable!  Although I think they went up by $2 since I was going to school there.  Inflation, I suppose.

Isn't it amazing?

Steak & Egg Breakfast Burrito, with Potato, Egg, Rice, Cilantro, and Salsa... amazing!  Best breakfast burrito EVER!

I used to eat one of these all by myself.  But had to share it with one of my friends this time.  Haha, I can't eat like I used to!

I love Santa Barbara, I think central California is really a gem and very underrated.  It's the best, most beautiful place in California in my opinion.  I would move back there in a second if I could.  But there's not much of any industry there other than like wine, and tourism.  And the property values are very high so you better have money to afford it.  So most college kids don't stick around after graduation.  

I should take more day or weekend trips there since it's only about an hour drive from my place.  The drive there is along the ocean and is very beautiful, it looks like this for the most part:

Anyways, I digress, as usual.  I should probably go to bed, because I had a long day of dentist appointment, then DMV, then work.  So I will end this post with some of the stuff my friends got me this weekend that made me really happy.  Because they are so freaking cute!

These are all from Victoria's Secret:

Cute rhinestone underwear

Matching tank top - super comfy, ribbed cotton with stretch.  Long and good fit.
They even got me a tank to wear for the day after the wedding!  How cute.  It's a very light baby blue color.

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