Thursday, September 1, 2011

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 30 Roller Hairsetter

A while ago I wrote about the Caruso Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter I bought from Folica and how I returned them for the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rollers since the curls I achieved from them fell out so quickly.  I was excited to see the Babyliss Pro set, as I've heard really good things about Babyliss hot rollers before.  They had just started selling them on Folica, so I ordered a set right away.  This set has a pretty cool design as the case can stand up.

The price is not too bad either, at $99.  So I bought them right away.

I was so excited when I received this, but I was extremely disappointed by the results.  First of all, it's so stupid that the set comes with 30 rollers, but only 15 clips.  Wtf?  So basically you can only use 15 at a time, unless you have other clips around that you can use, which I do not.  

I thought the rollers heated up well - they definitely got hot and the heat was evenly distributed, and they heated up relatively fast.  But for some reason it just did not work well at all!  I know how to roll hair, and I made sure to not roll too much hair onto one roller.  I did half of my hair at a time, since I could only use 15 rollers and have a lot of hair.  So the process took over an hour, as I had to roll them then wait about 20 minutes for them to set before taking the rollers out to reheat them, and repeat on the other side.

Right when I took the rollers out, my hair looked ok.  Just ok, nothing too spectacular.  Not nearly as cute as the curls I got from the Caruso set.  And then when I was waiting around for the other half of my hair to set, the sorry looking curls on the finished half of my hair already fell out!  What the...?!?  So not cool.  I packed it up back into the box and back to Folica it went.  By the way, I do have to say I LOVE Folica and how easy it is to order and return with them!  So far I have had no problems whatsoever and have gotten many free samples.  I kept them even though I returned whatever I ordered. 

I guess maybe hot rollers just don't work for me.  I have to stick with my curling iron or straightener.  I have been practicing curling my hair with a straightener and have gotten a lot better at it.  I like using my straightener a lot because the curls will stay until I wash my hair.  The curls I get from my curling iron are pretty good too, but they don't stay quite as well as the straightener.  I don't even need hair spray when I use my straightener.  The only thing is that the curls I get from that are tighter and smaller than I would like.  But I have figured out that if I curl then brush and sleep on it over night, they relax a little and then look perfect the next day.

I have been practicing so much because I am pretty sure I am doing my own hair for my wedding.  I want it either curled and half up half down, or curled and in a low side pony.  Nothing too fancy but either way it will need to be curled.  I had an updo for my engagement photos so I wanted a different look for the wedding, since my engagement photos were taken with a wedding dress.  I really don't trust most hair stylists because of bad experiences in the past.  So I'm just really afraid I will hate whatever they do.  It's tough since I am having a destination wedding, and will not be able to go there beforehand to try out stylists so I feel that it's safer to do it on my own.  I'm just glad my makeup guy is from LA and has done my makeup many times before, otherwise you can bet I would be doing my own makeup too.  I guess I'm just kinda picky that way!  Stuff like this kind of make me wish I was having my wedding locally, but oh well!


  1. Sorry about your bad luck with the hot rollers! I have really fine, straight hair that never takes curls well either. I've found that if I spray each segment of hair before I roll it up with hairspray it holds much better! I haven't done this in such a long time, I can't even remember what kind of hairspray I used. Maybe your hairdresser could recommend the best spray for this? I hope you work it out before the big day! I agree you're better off to do it yourself - then at least you know what to expect! :) I'm sure you'll look fantastic!

  2. Have you tried one of those ceramic non-clamping curling ironts? That might be the secret to lasting hold: super HOT heat that is evenly distributed (ceramic works really well for that).

    I have naturally curly hair, and I sometimes use hot rollers to actually straighten it (they can help smooth it out while maintaining some body).

    My stylist said that the ceramic wands are also really good for curly hair because you use them to create a less frizzy version of your natural curl. I haven't attempted to master that, though! Haha!

  3. @Dawn: I have tried using hair spray on strands of hair before rolling them up, but it just doesn't work. =( I don't remember the name of my hair spray either, but it works really well when I use it after using my curling iron...

    @strawb3rries: I believe this Babyliss set is ceramic. I think my curling iron and straightener are both ceramic too. I love them, but I give up on hot rollers. Hahaha.

  4. I am returning my second set of hot rollers. Neither one worked. The Conair ones looked great when I took them out but in 5 mins. I had nothing left. I bought the One n Only Argan Oil rollers next -- much hotter but when I took these out, I had NOTHING. Could be my hair. I'm done trying to use rollers. No payoff.


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