Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Emergency... Ugh!!!

So we are here in Tahoe and everything was going well. Weather is gorgeous. My fiance's moms friend who did our decorations showed them to us and they look great. We went and checked out the beach house we rented and it looks gorgeous. Then we are having some wine about to go out to dinner and my fiancé gets a text message from one of his groomsmen saying he can no longer make it cuz his wife has to work on Sunday. Umm it's him in the wedding, not his wife. And our wedding is on Saturday so he could easily get a flight in tomorrow out on Sunday. If he wanted to make it he could find a way. Apparently he doesn't think it's a big deal!!!

So now we are short a guy on his side and he doesn't want to call and beg the guy who dropped out to come. Of course that's perfectly understandable but I kinda really feel like calling and bitching him out! He's doing this not even full 48 hours before the wedding! It sounds like he doesn't even give a shit much either because all he said in his text (not even a call) was "sorry man, we are bummed". Wtf. You are bummed????? I don't even know what to say to that. I had to ask my fiancé if this guy even knew he was in the wedding???

And we have a gift bag for him all ready to go as well as a drink named after him on the drink menu. Seriously, is having a wedding how you find out who your real friends are?! After this and my bridesmaid drama I am just so over it. I'm just ranting now...

Anyway so my fiancé is now trying to get a hold of his step brothers to see if one of them can stand in. Luckily we kept it simple for the guys so they just have to have a white shirt and black suit which most guys do have. My friend has an extra black tie they can use too. But right now we can't get a hold of either of them and they are flying out here early morning tomorrow so I guess we will see. And then my fiance will also be in a bad position to pick one step brother over the other. Worst comes worst we will just be one guy short I guess. I've always heard every wedding has an unexpected something that happens at the last minute. I hope mine stops here.

I guess I'm just frustrated now not so much because he dropped out but because of the way it happened and his attitude. I am freaking cutting his name out of the drink menu (good thing we brought a lap top) and then finding a place to re-print since I don't wanna see his name as a reminder on Saturday.

Will see what happens...

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  1. that is a seriously dick move. I enjoy reading your reviewso n the your blog and your wedding seems like it will be awesome whether that guy is there or not!

  2. Don't stress. I had 2 girls standing with me, my husband had 3 guys stand with him. It worked out fine.

    And yes, you do find out who your true friends are....

    Good luck for Saturday, and DO NOT let this ruin your day!

  3. That guy and his wife sound like self-centred jerks. I can't believe he didn't even call rather than text! Like you said, true friends and all....the cream rises to the top ... no, wait, so does the scum!! lol

    All the very best on your special day!

  4. It wouldn't be a wedding without some drama - the best thing to do is laugh it off and don't let it ruin your special day -- it is all about you two -- not some jerk who doesn't even have the stones to call and apologize -- Get his name off the drink menu and concentrate on the two of you -- your wedding will be beautiful and you will be surrounded by people that love you guys!

  5. Stay calm and carry on, unfortunate as this is don't stress out. Enjoy your day, It's going to be perfect. Congratulations!


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