Friday, September 16, 2011

Wedding Favors Came Today...

Back in April when Gilt was having their wedding sale, I ordered these oak tree wedding favors from the Magnolia Company.  Shortly after I placed the order, someone from the Magnolia Company called me and worked out my shipment dates, since these oak tree seeds are perishable they wanted to ship them as close to my wedding date as possible.  I was to get them a week before my wedding.  So I stopped thinking about this completely.  Then last week, TWO WEEKS BEFORE MY WEDDING, Gilt sent me an email saying my order was canceled!!!  And to compensate me for the "inconvenience", they gave me $25 credit.  OMG!  I was freaking out when I read that email, since it was so close to my wedding date!

So before I had a chance to call Gilt customer service, my fiance actually contacted the Magnolia Company.  Surprisingly enough, the order was good to go on their end still and they had no idea why Gilt canceled.  So they dealt with Gilt back and forth and I still don't understand what happened to make Gilt cancel my order.  But some kid from Gilt called me and told me he spoke with his management, and there was nothing they could do to fulfill that order after it was canceled.  And he said maybe I'd have better luck if I contacted the supplier directly.  I was at work when I answered the call, and you know on an open desk environment like the trading desk I sit on, it is a little hard to yell and bitch at someone on the phone.  So I let it go, but if it wasn't for that reason you can be sure I would have given him a piece of my mind!  In fact, I am going to contact Gilt again to discuss this issue because this is just unacceptable.  I've always like Gilt from good experiences with them before and I trusted them with this, but this time I almost got royally f'ed.

It's lucky that the Magnolia Company actually came through with my order.  The lady I dealt with was super sweet and wanted to make everything smooth for me.  So I have had a fantastic experience with this company and would highly recommend them.  They actually even shipped out my favors before the issue with Gilt was resolved because they didn't want me to worry.  They did all this without even get paid first!  And their price actually turned out to be about $60 cheaper than Gilt!!!  Wtf??  I believe this order was $240 for 60 favor boxes, and Gilt's was $300.

They were out of the color of the box I ordered originally which was green lid with ivory ribbon.  But they did have the reverse which was ivory lid with green ribbon.  Seriously I could give a shit less about the color of the lid and ribbon at this point.  They actually had pink too, which would go with my color but I just didn't think pink would look as earthy and organic as green and ivory so that's what I got.  I received them today and they are so cute!  Though A LOT smaller than I thought they would be.

Isn't it cute though?  The ribbon is the kind with wire so you can make arrange it and make it look pretty.  But from the picture I saw, I really thought the box would be maybe 3 inch by 3 inch, this is more like the size of a jewelry box.  I guess it's my own fault for not reading the specs.

This is the one I originally ordered.  I actually think I like what I got better.

So crisis averted!  I'm glad I didn't have to scramble and find other favor thingies at the last minute.  I also still really like the idea of oak tree seeds as favors since it's different and totally fits a Tahoe wedding.  I think I will stack them into kind of a pyramid shape and they will serve as decorations at the wedding too!  Hmmm I wonder if anyone will actually plant the seeds when they get home... hahaha.


  1. So glad the company came through for you. I cannot believe that guilt did that to you, they are usually do great. The favors looks awesome, cannot wait till your wedding blog! Congrats!

  2. I love the look and idea of these wedding favours! Gorgeous! So glad everything worked out in the end, but it would have been nice to have been able to avoid the stress in the first place, eh? Hopefully, everything else will go smoothly! Good luck!

  3. What a nice idea!! I'm sure everyone will love that. Just wanted to say I'm wishing you all the best at your wedding! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Congratulations in advance!
    Dawn :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I am sure I will write all about the wedding later, maybe a live blog during the event! LOL... jk probably not. =P


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