Monday, September 5, 2011

Ray-Ban Aviators in Gold/Brown

I think it's safe to say that I am obsessed with Ray-Ban aviators.  I have happily given up all my designer sunglasses for Ray-Bans.  I just really like the aviators look, they are light and comfortable, and I think they look good with the shape of my face.  I have been wanting a pair of tannish colored ones for a while but have not been able to make it to any stores to try them on.  Finally today I had a chance to go to the mall for a bit, and stopped by Sunglasses Hut to get these awesome aviators in gold/brown.

I really love the color of these.  The gold frame makes them stand out a little bit without being too out there.  And the color of the lenses are great.  They will go with really anything, and look good with dark hair.  I feel like I need more of a tan to wear them though, because gold on tan skin just looks amazing!  

A lot of stores were having sales today, and Sunglasses Hut had some too.  Too bad these were not on sale.  I don't think they really ever go on sale because they are pretty popular.  But they are priced at $139 which is not bad.  $150 after taxes.  They are a good purchase because I know I will be wearing them all the time!  


  1. Very cute sunglasses! It's funny, I bought the same pair (but with grey/ black frames and lenses) today! Not sure if I should tell you this though... They're on Beyond the Rack right now for $99! If they have the same pair you bought (and they might not, they were selling fast!), you might be able to return yours to Sunglasses Hut and order them from BTR!!

  2. Oh yeah I actually did see ray ban on beyond the rack. I hate that site but I did buy a pair since I had some credit to use up from a return I made a long time ago. Then I went to sunglasses hut to get these ones for instant satisfaction lol. BTR ships so slowly and I have my doubts about the authenticity of items being sold there. So we shall see. I don't except to receive them till like November though. Lol. maybe even December. Maybe they can be somebody's Xmas present!

  3. I just got these today!! They are AWESOME! I would have never tried Ray Ban Avis if it hadn't been for your post. They fit my face perfectly and the color is great. I have darker skin with dark brown hair. These will most definitely be going to Maui with me in November...Thank you, Thank you!!

  4. Awww glad they worked out for you! We are sunglasses twins. =) Love Ray-Bans! They sound gorgeous on you. I've been loving mine too and wearing them everyday! The best part is that all these Ray-Ban aviators are unisex so you can share with your bf/husband, etc. lol. That's how I talk myself into buying so many pairs of Ray-Bans and my fiance and I do share sometimes. Most of the time though, I hog them all! Hahahaha. The gold ones don't look as good on him as my blue ones so that's my excuse for keeping them all to myself.

  5. Do you know where I might find these now?? I don't mind price, I'd just like to know the model and details. For some reason I can't find that shade of lens on their website


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