Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bedazzled Nails Ready for Wedding!

After last night's final effort to get everything ready, I am finally ready to drive up to Tahoe. I spent all morning refilling my lash extensions and get very bedazzled mani and pedi. Then packed up super human speed and now in the car driving through the Grape Vine! It all begins here...

Check out my nail art!!! I couldn't decide between pink (my wedding color now) and blue ( something blue) so I did both! LOL... Alternating fingers... I think it turned out so cute since both colors are so soft and don't clash. In some of these pics I think the blue show up darker than they are in person but that's how they turned out on my iPhone cam.

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  1. Very bedazzled nails, perfect for the wedding! (I'm drooling over your LV Neverful GM, by the way!)

    Good Luck for your wedding day. It will go by incredibly fast, so enjoy every minute!

  2. Interesting nails. Does the bedazzlement stay on pretty well? Very cute in choosing blue for "something blue" especially because it's subtle.

    Excited for you - have a great wedding day. Can't wait to see all the pictures! Hoping for an amazing day, and weather, for you.


  3. @Becky: haha I was in the car so I used my bag as background. I still love this bag and use it all the time!!! It holds all my crap that is great for traveling. So I highly recommend it!!!

    @Angela: they so stay on pretty well!! I couldn't believe it the first time I got 3D nail design. But they make sure to stick them on good. So fun. :)


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