Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've Got a Wedding Battle Wound!!!

Warning:  This post may be extremely whiny.

It is unbelievable what has happened to my eye since the wedding accident where the photographer told us to throw the umbrellas and one fell on my eye.  At the time it happened, I got a little cut.  About 1/4 of an inch, and it was bleeding a little.  I didn't think it was a huge deal and it didn't even hurt that much.  So I just put some neosporin on it and went back to the reception.  But about 2 days after that, my eye started to swell like it's nobody's business!  Today it is so big I can barely open my eye!!!  Even the bottom part swelled a little.  I look ridiculous!!!!!!!  Like somebody punched me in the eye!

I even went to my doctor yesterday, thinking that my eye got infected.  But he thought it was rather an allergic reaction to neosporin.  What!!!  Who the heck is allergic to neosporin???  O.M.G.  Of course this had to happen to me.  So basically there's nothing I can do except wait for the swelling to go down.  So far it has only gotten worse everyday I wake up!  We are on day 3 now.  My doc also gave me antibiotics in case it is an infection.  I've been taking it since yesterday and it's not helping.  I don't think it's an infection to be honest.  This is so terrible.  My eye looks gross - there's little hives breaking out now and it's all red, puffy and itches!  It's so disgusting I can't even tell you.  I was supposed to go back to work today but I couldn't, actually I don't think I can go back for the rest of this week!  I feel kind of bad since I'm supposed to go on my honeymoon in about 10 day.  I really did want to go back to work today so I can finish everything before I leave on vacation again.

So yeah, I've been spending the first few days of marriage in this uncomfortable state.  Maybe I used up all my good luck during the wedding so this had to happen?  Oh boy... I really hope this goes away soon, especially before my honeymoon! I have been icing my eye too but I don't even think it's helping at all.  My doc told me I should just wash it with water and soap and keep it clean.  That's it!  And then I read horror stories online that it took somebody 3 weeks for the allergic reaction to go away.  I really hope that's not going to be me!!!  So I stopped googling.  Ugh!


  1. Take Benadryl, or other antihistamine.

  2. Antibodies take some time to work, so don't worry if you don't see a cure right away. As for icing the eye I wouldn't do that as sometimes there can be bateria on the bag you put the ice in or the ice itself which could be harmful to the eye and make it worse. I have a very young sister who had a friend who put ice on his eye because a ball hit his eye and the next few days it swelled and broke out in hives, just like what you are describing. Just get rest, drink lots of water, and most importantly don't stress out because it would just make your body work harder to keep you calm and trying to fight the infection. I hope this helps!

    P.S. This is a completely random question and you can feel free to leave it unanswered but I am really curious as to if you are asian or not because I noticed your name on some of the posts and I was just really curious because it's such an asian sounding last name lol.

  3. I would suggest taking Benedryl also. Sorry this happened to your eye. I had a similar thing happen to me, I was bitten by a blackfly the night before our wedding, had an allergic reaction. The next day it looked like I had a big hickey on my chest. Nice. We covered it with makeup and it was fine, but in the week afterwards it was oozy and gross. I can sympathize with what you are going through :)

  4. Well at least this will be a funny story to tell later on... I think it will heal in time for your honeymoon as long as you fight it with benadryl or something.

    Go throw away that neosporin, though! :)

  5. I'm allergic to Neosporin too! It'll go away in about a week. Just don't mess with it too much, I know it's hard not to.

  6. Thanks everyone! My swelling finally started going down. I have been taking Allegra, and antibiotics. I don't know which one worked, or it's just due to time passing, but finally yesterday I started to resemble myself again. Lol. Today I went to work with sunglasses on but I think I actually drew more attention that way. Hahaha. So after telling the story for the 100th time, I took them off. Hopefully my eye will be completely healed by this weekend! That is still a whole week since the accident first happened so this thing was stubborn!!!


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