Friday, September 23, 2011

Today was a much better day!

We had the rehearsal dinner tonight and prepared all day for it as well as for the wedding tomorrow. But most people arrived in town today so we had lots of help and everything came together perfectly!

My fianc├ęs step brothers came to the rescue and are ready to go with their suits. But surprisingly the guy who flaked out last night also came to his senses and decided to come today. Wow. So all the drama and stress for nothing last night.

We got into the house we rented first thing this morning. It's an amazing house with an even more amazing view! The furniture rental place delivered the rentals first thing in the morning too. So we were able to use some of the tables and chairs for the rehearsal dinner. But we kept the nice linen and table top decorations for tomorrow. And we just improvised! The red table tops are just red napkins. Look how great the weather is!

We made our own table top decorations from these vases we found around the house. Then we picked rocks and pinecones from around the house, along with the branches we clipped off the trees. Total DIY! The lady in charge of our decorations is like Mary Poppins and she pulled out these tea light candle holders that fit perfectly on the top of the vases.

So everything was perfect, the caterer had an awesome BBQ and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. The waiter and bartender were super helpful too. Plus, this was our view!

So now I feel much better about tomorrow. I feel like things are out of my hands and I now should just go with the flow. Most things are done. We just have to set up chairs and lanterns tomorrow and get ready with mimosas! It will be a long day but lots of fun!

We also finished making the love sign we were copying from a picture I saw. It turned out not bad at all if I do say so myself!

This will be our back drop at the ceremony. They will be short enough and they won't block the lake. Much better than any cheesy arches we can find as well so I'm happy with them! Just hope people don't look at them up close since we carved them out by hand and they don't look so perfect at all. Especially the round parts of the O and E. Hahaha.


  1. Good luck today, relax and enjoy! Wishing you only the best!

  2. Wishing you a beautiful wedding day and a long and happy life together - congratulations!!! Glad to hear that everything worked out so well :) The place looks gorgeous and I've loved reading about all your wedding prep and decorating/ invitation/ bouquet/ sash/ etc experiments - I can't believe how beautiful all the handmade decorations were!! All the best!

  3. Congratulations and all the best! I have enjoyed following along with all the plans. You two have done a wonderful job!

  4. Congrats! Happy Wedding Day! Looks absolutely beautiful!!!

  5. Thanks, you all are so sweet!!! I had a wonderful day. =)


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