Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trump Home Swarthmore Arc Floor Lamp

I came home from Portland to a surprise - the Trump Home Swarthmore Arc Floor Lamp!  I bought it on Hautelook like a month ago and totally forgot about it.  I guess since I've been so busy lately at work, I haven't been able to shop and have stopped expecting packages.

And I love it!  I like this arc style.  I've been looking for a floor lamp like this one for a while but the ones I've seen were either too big or way too $$$.  This one is perfect for my place.  And it was on Hautelook for $199, down from $425.  I would have thought the Trump Home brand would be more expensive since he's all about "luxury".  Maybe he's going for "affordable luxury".  When I was browsing, I actually liked a lot of their merchandise, so maybe I will get some more later on.  This was also the first time I've ever bought a bigger item like this from one of those sites, and it worked out pretty well.  I think shipping cost was like $40 though so that kind of sucked.  Anyway, I like the warm glow this lamp gives to the room, and I like the chrome rings on the shade that gives it a contemporary look.  I can finally get rid of my ghetto $10 floor lamp from Ikea that I got when I was in college.  Hehe.  It sure adds up, being a home owner!


  1. Hi there! If your interested in the Very Violet Post Run Pullover someone I know may have an extra one (size 2 or size 4...can't remember) for you if you would like to buy it off her.

  2. Hi Lulumum! Thanks for thinking of me! How funny I just came back from the lulu store because I wanted to see if they had it and they didn't. I'm normally a size 4 at lulu but can sometimes wear a 2. Do you know if this pullover runs true to size? Also, if your friend's is the correct size for me, do you know where she's shipping from? Thank you so much!

  3. Hi! Her name is Nancy and she ships from Vancouver, this is her FB site (she does a lot of shopping for people for Lululemon items) the top she has is a size 4 and she also has a size 2. I find it TTS but some have gone up to their upper size for a slouchy look.


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