Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Pairs of Splits59 Capris

I hadn't shopped at Splits59 in a while, so I thought I'd give a couple pairs of leggings a try.  Though I gotta admit that I'm pretty disappointed by one of them.  So much so that I decided to just return both pairs.

The pair that got me really disappointed was the Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri in heather grey/white/blue jean/midori.

I seriously liked them from the first moment I saw them about a month or so ago.  I loved the coloblocking.  I finally bought them a couple days ago, fully prepared to fall in love.  Maybe that's why I'm so disappointed.

When I first put them on, I was actually excited.  It seemed that Splits59 had tweaked their legging designs a bit, so these felt a lot more compressive than my other bottoms from them in the same size (XS).  They looked good from the front and back...

I actually quite like the green stripe down the back:

But then the side view... what the?!?  It's a total mess!

First of all, their online pictures do not show the side view, so I had no idea that the white part would have such a dark stitching design.  But if that was the only issue, then I'd probably live with it.  The part that I cannot overlook is how badly the sewing job was done!  What is this???  

The stitching around the mesh and the green stripe areas just look so bad.  It also feels scratchy against the skin on the inside too.

This looks like some amateur sewed it together by hand.  It's completely crooked and uneven in those areas where more materials overlap.  Since the stitching is so much darker than the material, it really stands out.

These are $98......

The second pair that I got are the Nova Circuit Performance Capri.  

These are much much better.  I got them in size XS as well.  Same as the pair above, these feel more compressive than my other Splits59 leggings.

The mesh is pretty interesting.  There are actually two types of mesh they used in these capris.  The main one that is used is the type with bigger holes.  Like fishnets.  The second type is the more conventional type that I've been seeing in different brands lately, which is the very fine mesh.

The very fine mesh is only used towards the bottom on both sides:

What's also interesting about these leggings is that they have a zipper pocket on the back.  I don't think I've seen any other Splits59 bottoms with this.  The zipper area is also covered in a patent looking material:

The Splits59 logo is quite big on these as well.  I don't like how big it is:

I think if I didn't already have so many workout tights, I'd probably want to keep these.  But they don't really intrigue me enough for me to keep at the price of $108.  I guess the first pair also left a bad taste in my mouth, so I'm kind of over both of them.  I am eyeing the snake print Lululemon tights that just came out.  Maybe I'll swap these for them since they are about the same price anyway!
I do hope Splits59 comes out with more cool designs though.  I've always liked their bottoms, and I think the Lulu designs as of late have taken a page out of the Splits59 playbook.  They have been very reminiscent of the edgier Splits59 aesthetic that I love so much.  Splits59 did come out with a whole line of python prints like 2 years ago while Lulu is just now catching up!  (Here, here, here & cheetah print here)

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  1. Yikes, that first pair is a hot mess with the uneven and bulging seams. For $100 + tax that is unacceptable. Good call to return.

    I've been disappointed by Splits59 as well lately and will probably never order anything from them again. Like Lululemon they've moved their production to China to save $$$ and as a result the quality and QC has taken a severe nosedive. I bought a pair of Nova capris on sale a month ago (final sale) and they are so cheap, thin, and see through I can't tell you how disappointing it is to be left with a pair of crops I'll never wear. There are so many other high quality active wear lines now, Splits59 is now an afterthought for me. Oh well. Appreciate the honest reviews as always.

  2. I ordered the exact same novas (same size too) and I had the exact same problems. Itchy mesh and the side view was a hot mess!!! It's nice to know it wasn't just me being picky, but also disappointing that my pair wasn't the only bad one. I am HUGELY disappointed in the nova ii redesign and will be stalking ebay for more of the originals. The lines are SO much cleaner and just better in every way. Also, I noticed that the new pair fits smaller too. FYI, they line up almost exactly with my lulu size 2's.

    That said I did really like the devon tank redesign. That's one that I can recommend.

    But, thanks to the anon above, I checked, and sure enough, the new devon and novas are made in China. I didn't notice this at first. Very disappointing for a brand who used to really pride themselves on their domestic production. That's one reason I used to pay more for their stuff. Another one bites the dust...

  3. Wow I didn't know they moved production to China either. I'm so shocked! Aren't they the ones that always said "proudly made in the USA"??? (Or is that Beyond Yoga?) I always paid the higher prices for this reason as well. No wonder these gray/white crops look like shit. The sizing difference also makes sense now.

    I checked their website just now, and it seems that the Ashby tanks are still made in the US (it's under Details) but the tights are not. Neither is the Devon tank (but I do love the new look too!). That's so disappointing! This market is more competitive than ever, and lowering the quality is not the way to win customers!

    1. I am like 99% sure they have advertised "made in the USA" in the past. My novas in hype were made in China too, though, so it must've been this fall if not before (btw, the hypes are larger than the new novas, bigger than lulu 2). At least the ashbys are still US-based, unless that's an oversight that someone forgot to change or something. I guess they are getting confident in their market share now that they have grown a lot. What a shame.


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