Monday, December 10, 2012

Laundry by Shelli Segal Quilted Belted Coat with Faux Fur Hood

So I am going to China right after Christmas for about 2 weeks and I am super excited about it!  I will be spending New Years in Beijing!  But of course it is A LOT colder there than southern California.  I mean, seriously we're still having mid-70s weather here in December.  Beijing... not so much.  I've been checking the weather regularly and it is right around 35 degrees or so at the highest.  That's so cold for me!  And I don't own a single winter jacket.  So I got this awesome new jacket from Bloomingdale's - Laundry by Shelli Segal Quilted Belted Coat with Faux Fur Hood.  I actually got it during some special 24 hour sale that decreased the price from $295 to $147.  Right now it's $177 which is still pretty good price, but it says the sale ends today so it might get back up tomorrow!

Anyway, it is a down filled jacket, and the fur on the collar and hood are removable.  I don't mind it on the hood, but I don't really like it on the collar so I removed it on my photos below.  But the model has it on and it looks pretty good on her.  I think maybe I just need to mess with the fur and make it look better - it's been sitting in an air sealed bag during shipment, so it looks all flat and not in very good condition.  But whatever, I like the look without it too.

I actually got it in a size XS.  I would have got the size S, but it was sold out at the time.  XS fits pretty well, but it doesn't allow much room for layering.  However, I'm thinking I don't really need that much room for layering since 35 degrees is really not THAT cold after all.  Maybe I'm delusional, but I don't think I'm that much of a baby.  Hehe.

Here it is on me:

There's plastic wrapping on the metal parts, which is why the reflection looks weird in the pictures.  The hang tag on the zipper pull is also meant to be removed.  I just didn't bother removing them yet.  

I think this is such a cute jacket!  It's a puffy jacket, but it has really flattering shape which you don't see often.  The inside feels super soft and nice.  When I put my hands in the pockets, it was heavenly!  They are lined with soft fleece or something, but it's sure to keep your hands toasty warm.  The belt buckle also works well without being too tight or constricting.  So overall I am very happy with this jacket and I think the price is reasonable.  Of course, for me, I will not get much use out of it after my vacation (unless I go on vacation to a cold place again next year!) but I still don't feel that butt hurt about this price.  I'm just glad I now own a coat that seems to be warm enough for the weather I will be facing!  Next I will just need to get some gloves and maybe a hat!


  1. You're lucky to go to Beijing for the holidays!
    This is a very nice coat, is it hot?
    I am looking for a warm coat, do you know the brand canada goose?

    1. I don't know that brand. This coat seems pretty warm to me but what do I know! I'm rarely in the market for warm winter coats...


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