Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lululemon Daily Yoga Jacket

I bought the Daily Yoga Jacket from Lululemon last week.  I've actually always liked the look of this jacket.  I like the simple design, but I hadn't seen a color I really wanted until I saw this coco pique black one.

I read the reviews which all seem to say to size down.  So I bought it in a size 2.  I guess it makes sense, since its predecessor - the Stride/In Stride jacket was also a size down item for me.  I received it in the mail this week, and I must say that even the size 2 is pretty roomy!  I only had one Stride jacket before, which I've sold a long time ago.  But I remember it fitting way tighter than the Daily Yoga jacket.

Anyway, so I put on this jacket, and I must say that I am not that impressed by it.  It isn't particularly flattering.  It's just ok.  And for the price tag of $128, just ok is just not good enough.  If it was half the price, I'd consider keeping it.  I don't even get why this jacket is priced that high.  It's pretty simply designed, without thumb holes even (do I own anything else from Lulu without thumb holes??  I really don't think so).  The Define Jacket seems to be a more technical and well-designed piece, and that is priced below $100.  I really don't see why the Daily Yoga jacket should cost 20 bucks more.

Sorry about my pajama pants in the photo!  I was too lazy to change.  =)  So, this jacket is going back to the store.  I'm rather disappointed though!  It looked so promising and so much cuter on the model.  I really love the contrasting colors between the body and the sleeves.  Oh well, I'll save my money for something better to come along!


  1. My opinion is the same. I do not like this jacket. It is not well.
    Welcome back store!! ;)

  2. Try the four and see if it fits any better... otherwise I say forget it. I love the colors of this jacket and have been debating trying one on as well if I ever get to the city to be able to go in the store :)

  3. I think some of the cocoa piqué stuff got pulled off the shelves due to a fabric unravelling issue. I say return ASAP. It's just not that special, and that's saying a lot because you make everything you model look good!

  4. I'm so bummed! I asked for this for Christmas but have to say I had seen it in the store and was not wowed but the pic of the model made it look so cute! too bad - thanks for sharing :)

  5. Agree with the others - you usually make everything look good but this isn't great. I think with the old stride jackets, the seams were curved in the lulu symbol shape. That was better for the chest area. In this new style, the straight seams over the chest are weird and not flattering.


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