Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DVF Newsy & Scarlet Dresses

As I mentioned last week, I had been buying quite a few DVF dresses to prepare for my trip.  I probably went a little overboard though and bought way more than I needed lol.  However, I really love all of them and I think I got some really good scores!  I got them all new with tag, mostly from ebay, for around $100 each.  So that's pretty decent as far as DVF dresses go considering they retailed for $400-500.

One of the dresses I got is the "Newsy" dress in arrow tooth medium billiard, and it appears to be sold out everywhere now.  But it has become one of my favorite dresses I've ever owned!  Both in terms of the color/print, and the style.  I got it in my regular size 4.

I guess the only slightly negative thing I can say about it is actually a problem I have with many dresses: it's a bit tight at the chest and I can't close the button at the chest without a gapping hole in between buttons.  Though this I fixed easily by sewing on a snap button in between the 2 buttons at the chest area.  I think this is more related to how my body is vs. how the dress is made though.  I've always had this problem with many button down shirts and dresses.  Sometimes I just have to wear a cami under and then not button the buttons at the chest and up.  It's annoying, and all my lat pulldowns probably don't help lol.  If you have a narrower lat or smaller chest, I think you would not have the same issue in this dress.

The belt is actually kinda tight too lol.  I wish I had the option of it fitting just a little bit more relaxed. 

But this is still one of my favorite dresses ever!  The material is same heavy-ish silk that's used in the DVF wrap dresses.  I think this dress would be great to wear from work to a night out.  I love it!

The next dress I got is the Scarlet dress.  It's on sale now at the Outnet.  It's such a cute summer dress!  I also got it in size 4.

I actually have the same issue with this dress where it fits everywhere except hard to button at the chest.  This dress is 100% cotton so there is no stretch whatsoever.  In this style, I actually don't mind either leaving it open like below (kind of a little too low for comfort though), or wear a cami under which is what I did when I wore it last week in Dubai.  

It's hard to see, but it actually comes with a pretty wide waist tie which you can wear or not wear with it:

Again, the tight fit in the chest may not apply to you.  I do think the dress fits true to size.  A size up would probably be too baggy in the waist, and especially hips since there's already so much material there.

I love the pattern of this dress, and how it kind of fades from top to bottom.  I think it's more of a day dress than night dress, but it's still pretty versatile and can be worn to many different occasions.

I'm actually super happy with both of these dresses.  They are both long term investments that I know I will keep and wear for years!


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