Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cute Ugly Christmas Sweater!

I've never really been a fan of the ugly Christmas sweater thing and never felt compelled to participate in any events or parties that required such ugly sweaters lol.  But my new job has a ugly Christmas sweater competition this coming Friday, and being the newbie, I felt I should participate.  I've been going to all the happy hours and parties that I'm invited to by my new coworkers, because I really think the new person needs to set the right tone and start making contacts ASAP!  Work is all about relationship building after all.  So, here I go with the ugly Christmas sweater party!  

Well, I already know I'm not going to win this competition because I've seen some pictures from the past years and I just can't.... lol... I mean, there were guys rocking jeweled neck sweaters and all.  So instead, I decided to get a cute ugly Christmas sweater!  Something that shows the spirit of this thing without being too much of an eyesore in my closet.  And low and behold, I found the perfect sweater from Nordstrom!  It is the Ten Sixty Sherman Squirrel Christmas Sweater.  I actually think it's more "cute" than "ugly" lol.  I would wear it around for fun!

I think the squirrel is so cute, and it's even better that its Santa hat has a real 3D ball, its tail is made of a fuzzy faux fur, and its chestnut is gold sequined!  How perfect lol.  The price is also great!  In fact, it is on sale now for only $25!  I got it when it was full price last week at $42 which is not bad either.  But the great Nordstrom has given me a price adjustment so I am able to keep it for the sales price which makes it even better.

Here it is on me - it's a size S and it's actually a thick sweater.  It's like a double layered sweater or something, with the inside layer being white with bigger holes, and the outside with the pattern.  

So I think this sweater fits a little bit on the small side, especially in the arms.  So if you are in between 2 sizes, I would suggest taking the bigger of the 2.  I think I could have sized up to M and still have a fit that is not too loose.  Just all depends on what kind of fit you like.

Here's an up close of the fur ball - luckily it's not placed right on top of your nipple lol:

The whole tail is fuzzy faux fur:

Sequined chestnut:

Cute right??  I think I'll actually wear it on Christmas as well, because why not... lol.  A sweater like this design probably has limited lifespan, but the price justifies it and I'm super happy with this!  If you are looking for a cute ugly Christmas sweater, I'd suggest checking it out!  Nordstrom actually has tons more designs too - I had no idea they even carried this stuff until this year!


  1. Great choice for an ugly Christmas sweater! I went to check it out and it's not available anymore :/

    1. That sucks! I just checked again and there is an XS if that's your size...


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