Monday, December 21, 2015

Ted Baker London Bavaria Floral Print Midi Dress

I was at Nordstrom this weekend picking up a pair of pants I had taken in for alternation.  There was one lone dress hanging out by itself at the side of the register.  I thought it looked cute and different, so I asked if it was available or being held for someone else.  Apparently it was available... and on sale!  So I tried it on and fell in love.  It is the Ted Baker London Bavaria Floral Print Midi Dress.  It is sold out at Nordstrom online, but still available at ASOSBloomingdales, and  Although Nordstrom did have the best price - it was only $117!  Down from $295.  They told me it was marked down to Nordstrom Rack pricing, so if I didn't get it then, they would have sent it to the Rack!  ASOS has it for $143 now which is not bad at all, and Bloomies and Ted Baker both have it at $177.  I think it's worth every penny sub $200.

This dress has an Asian inspired pattern and style.  Even though it is form fitting, it's actually quite a thick and stretchy material that it hides all the flaws and gives you an hourglass figure!  I am quite impressed with the fit.  I also think the length is perfect, as it covers the knee and makes the dress look classier.  

The sizing goes 0,1,2,3,4,5, and I got size 1.  Not that I had a choice since it was the only one there.  It is definitely form fitting, but it is not tight.  The stretchiness makes it feel comfortable too.  I would have liked to try on a size 2 just to see what the difference would be.  But I think in this style, it won't look good if it's too loose, and I'm happy with the way that the size 1 fits.  

I think this dress looks much prettier in person than the online photos.  The color is a very light mint green, with the floral patterns on it which are very striking.  To me, the online photo looks a bit muddy.  But that's not how it looks in real life.  I think my photos are more representative of the real life colors.

Gold zipper on the back

I am going to a party on Christmas Eve and I was planning on wearing something I already have.  But now that I have this dress, I think it will be perfect!  It will look good with a dark or light colored jacket over it.

It looks like Ted Baker has a couple more dresses in the same style but different patterns, and they are very cute as well.  Though they are at full price of $295.  Might be worth it to watch and see if they go on sale!  Here's the "acanthus scroll" and the "emaline".  I don't normally gravitate towards floral prints, but I am really liking these dresses!  I'm also glad to add a very different look to my wardrobe.  I tend to just stick to the same styles that I like.  But it's always good to branch out and experiment some time!


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