Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kitson Skinny Jean

My other order that I placed on Hautelook before the new year arrived.  I got some Kitson black skinny jeans for $10! 

I usually like my jeans more straight leg or boot cut style.  But I really like these ones.  I like that they are longer and can be scrounged up a little on the bottom.  I guess they are almost like skinny straight leg style.  They look pretty cute with heels or flats, or with boots over.  I usually hem my jeans a few inches longer so that they would fall perfectly to the ground with heels on.  But that makes them drag on the ground if I wear flatter shoes.  I wear flat shoes pretty rarely, but it does happen from time to time, and it's nice to have pants other than sweats and yoga pants to wear with flats.  

I also have been wanting to get black jeans for a while.  I have many many pairs of jeans - more than I would ever need - in washes from very light to very dark denim.  But I didn't have any black ones until now!  Black just looks a little bit more dressed up.  And it goes with navy tops better.  

I normally wear a size 26 in jeans, but I got these in 27 because I figured since they are skinny jeans, I didn't want them to be too tight.  And I didn't know how Kitson sizes run.  But I guess they probably would fit better if they were in my normal size.  These are a little loose around the waist.  But I guess I can just wear a belt or something.  The back pocket placement actually look really good on too.  For $10, I am pretty happy with them!

I also got some shorts to wear around the house for $7. 

They turned out to be kind of tight and really like hot booty shorts, rather than relax fit sweat shorts!  The model must have sized up one or two sizes to fit so loosely like that.  Oh well.  They'll just be worn at home.


  1. I ordered jeans too, also went up a size, just in case. And they turned out to be too big for me... Can't be any more regretful~

  2. awww.. that's too bad. I hate it when that happens and you can't even return it!

  3. I ordered from this sale too -- the violet terry pants, the purple hoodie, and some tees (4) and it was all like 60 bucks shipped or something ridiculous!! Gotta love their blowout sales! --

  4. Yep yep... I'm with you there sista! Always on the look out for the blowouts! =D


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