Friday, July 15, 2011

Creme Brulee Torch Set!

I had some credit for a return I made on Beyond the Rack a long time ago, and I was finally able to use it.  I ordered from that site twice, and I really will try to not shop there much in the future because I can't take how slow the shipping is.  I think it takes minimum a month to receive something.  So only order stuff you can live without for a while.  Like my new creme brulee torch set I got!

Let's be honest, I am in no hurry to make creme brulees!  But I sure do love them.  In fact, I love them so much that I'm having a chef come to my wedding and make creme brulees for everyone instead of having a wedding cake.  LOL!  It will be awesome.  Who needs cake anyway, I rather splurge my calories on creme brulee and alcohol.

I used to have a creme brulee set with ramekins and a torch but the ramekins were much smaller and shallower.  I made creme brulee once, and I remember it was really really good!  And fun to torch the sugar!  But that was so long ago I don't even remember where they went.  This set came with 4 ramekins, all pretty deep.  So I'll have to try making some again!  They say I can also make melting cheese and meringue pies, etc. with them since they are oven safe.  This set was $29 and a pretty good way for me to spend my credit on, as I just wanted to use credit up without giving them more of my money.

So I was perfectly fine this time with the order taking a month to arrive.  I also ordered some pillows though in order to completely use up my credit, which I was hoping would get here earlier, but they are still not here yet.  So be warned, if you are going to order from this site, be VERY patient!

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