Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shae Blowout Sale from Hautelook

I think I've been binging on knit wraps and shrugs lately!  Aside from the ones I already bought over the past few months, I bought 2 more during the Shae blowout sale on Hautelook, and I have another one coming.  I really don't know what it is!  I just love them for work when we don't have to wear business professional outfits.  They are perfect for more casual summer days, and they can work as work clothes or casual wear.  So here are my latest wraps that just got delivered today:

I like this one for the light and airy look - I would wear it to work pretty much exactly how the model is.  With a simple tank under and some slacks.  I think it could work with white pants too!  I only wear white pants occasionally to work though haha.  The material has a pretty soft cottony feel, I think it will be comfy.

This one I think I can only wear to work on super casual days, like a Friday before a long holiday weekend. Just because it has drawstrings which make it look more casual.  I actually really like this model's outfit.  I could totally copy it.

This one is actually sewn on the front and doesn't open up.  But the waist strap can pulled and be adjusted.  The color in person actually looks slightly more olive green to me.  I like it, just was a surprise to see it since the photo shows a tan color.  Again, it will be cute to wear with slacks to work or with jeans like the model is.  I really like how they styled these models!  Maybe that's why I bought these!

So I think once I get my next wrap that's coming in the mail right now, I will need to lay off of them for a while!  I think I have something like 15 different wraps right now and really don't need anymore, like ever!  I really should be buying more suit jackets but for some reason hate spending money on "work only" type of outfits.  However, Calvin Klein has some great sales going on right now and I am absolutely in love with my blazer I got from there, so I think I will get another in a different color.  Those blazers fit so well and they really can be worn with jeans too because the sleeves can be rolled up and show the cute stripy lining!

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