Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Wedding Stuff - Umbrellas and Robes!

I recently changed my mind about my bridesmaids at my wedding.  I think a week or so ago when I wrote about the sashes I made for them, I said that I didn't want them to stand up there with me nor walk down the aisle with me.  The main reason for that was a lot of drama with one friend basically.  Long story short, she insisted to be my maid of honor but stubbornly declared that she will not do one thing to help.  And she hasn't.  Basically she wants the honor but none of the responsibilities.  My fiance and I are pretty much doing everything ourselves anyway, but I just don't like her attitude.  So I did not want her to be up there with me at all, and to avoid drama I decided to just have all my friends sit at the sides instead during the ceremony.  But then I thought about it some more, why should I compromise my wedding for her???  It's my wedding after all.  To put it simply, she can go F herself if god forbid she doesn't get her way.

So I decided to scratch her off from being my "maid of honor", and instead chose my gay friend to be my man of honor.  He's a much better friend anyway, and he's helpful and not selfish!  It just so happens that my fiance has a very good friend who is a girl and he'd like to include her as his grooms woman.  So it's perfect, they can walk down the aisle together.  My fiance's brother will still be his best man though.  So I guess my man of honor and his grooms woman can walk down together first, then his brother will walk down with one of my friends and then switch places with the grooms woman.  Lol.  It will work out.

I will still keep my selfish friend as one of the bridesmaids, but she may not even get to walk 2nd, or even 3rd.  She doesn't even plan to come to my rehearsal dinner!  I'm actually really surprised she already booked her ticket and hotel.  But she's flying in the morning of my wedding, so if something happens then I guess she just won't show up at all.  Can you imagine this girl being someone's maid of honor?

I think I will still have my friends wear completely different colored dresses with the sashes I made tied around the waist.  I thought about getting them bouquets, but then the idea popped into my head of having them hold paper umbrellas instead!  I don't know if I have seen that idea before or what, but it just came to me and I think it will be great.  So today, I went to downtown to meet with some out of town friends and then stopped by Chinatown on the way back home.  I knew it would be the place to go for paper umbrellas.  And sure enough, there were tons of stores that sold this kind of stuff.  I found this really pretty umbrella which is actually made of nylon, not paper.  But I think it will do the job, and will be less likely to tear.  The owner cut me a deal and sold them for $3 a piece.  So I got 5 umbrellas for $15!  Much cheaper than bouquets lol.

I think that my man of honor will carry the umbrella too, even though it's kind of very girly.  But maybe he can just try to hold it up for me instead.  I won't actually carry one since I have my bouquet that I made.  But I still got one for myself for pictures.  My fiance's grooms woman said she wants to stand there like a man without the umbrella.  It will probably be better this way, since the photos will look more even.  It would be a little strange if she was the only one on the men's side with an umbrella.

Check out this picture I found from Lin & Jirsa - amazing wedding photographers located in Orange County.  Believe it or not, they were both my coworkers in finance before venturing into wedding photography!  Good call... they are very very talented.

So while I was at the store, I also picked up about 10 paper lanterns!  Some of them are round and some are rectangular.  They are all mostly white paper, but some have cherry blossoms and bamboo prints on them.  They will be perfect to hang on the tree branches outside of the Lake Tahoe house.  I think that will look very romantic, and they only cost $3 a piece too!

I think these prices are pretty good, because I looked online and they were more expensive or around the same price but I'd have to pay for shipping.  

So then as I was leaving the store, I saw these silk colorful robes.  Then I remembered that I saw some wedding photos on this blog I read which had the girls all wearing robes while getting ready.  I thought that was a very cute idea.  This way the girls won't be all wearing mismatching "getting ready" outfits.  

Here are some of the photos from Chasing Rainbows Kissing Frogs:

I think that just looks lovely.  So I got 5 of those too.  I thought I'd stay true to my colorful theme and got 5 completely different colors.  I was able to bargain from $20 a piece to $12.  Lol.  Not sure if that was a good price or not but I'm not very good at bargaining so I just said fine and paid up.  Oh yeah, they all say 100% silk too.  Hmmm... who knows if that's true or not.  I thought about busting out a lighter to do a silk test and see if they catch fire.  But for some reason I didn't think the store owner would've been too happy with that, and I didn't feel like burning down chinatown.

I think I will be wearing the white one, and everyone else will just choose a different one each!  Wow all of a sudden my wedding is all Asian themed.  And the photos will be really colorful!  

The one I will be wearing


  1. I love those robes! That is a great idea! And I hate bad friends thy need o get written off at some point.

  2. Thanks! I hope this idea works out. =) I'm with you ojodeazul. Time to reevaluate the friendship lol.

  3. Do you know where someone could buy these robes? Maybe online? Do you have the brand name, maybe I could search for them on Ebay or something, please let me know!


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