Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lash Extensions & Love Token Waterfall Cardigan

I've had a pretty busy week... pampering myself!  I've had a facial, massage and lash extension within the last 3 days.  I finally took the plunge and got lash extensions and I'm quite happy about it.  I have been meaning to try it out forever and saw a recent Yelp deal for $150 at a place in Pasadena with high ratings so I decided to just do it.  They isolate each single lash and adhere a lash extension to it.  It's quite a time consuming process, but for me it only took about 1.5 hour.  It's kinda tough to keep your eyes closed the whole time.  I sort of drifted to sleep here and there.  And then you wake up with a wonderful set of long, full and dark eyelashes!  No mascara needed haha.  I'm kind of amazed that I can wash my face and do all my normal stuff, and I don't even feel them.  The best part is I can roll out of bed, put on some BB cream and be ready to go out and about!  I even look much better while working out.  I opted for a longer and fuller look while still keeping it natural looking since I do have to live with it going to work and stuff, I don't want to look like I'm going night clubbing!  I can't even tell how they managed to add an extension to every single lash.  The procedure is expensive though, at $300 normally for a full set.  And $85 for each refill which you will need about once a month depending on how you keep it up.  They have tons of different lengths, thickness and curl types, so I think I'll keep it up at least until my wedding.  Maybe I can get a more dramatic "come-hither" look for the wedding day.  Hehe.

Anyways, so the last of my wrap/cardigan obsession from Hautelook arrived at my door step yesterday.  It was the Love Token Waterfall Cardigan, in black.  Out of all the wraps I have in my closet, I don't have a simple black one.  So I felt that was essential to the end of this saga.

Well it is pretty much what the picture shows.  A thin black open front cardigan.  It's made of 100% linen, so it's not the softest material.  I hope it won't be too scratchy to wear with just a tank under.  I bought it because I liked the fit and the fact that it's semi-sheer.  Perfect for the weather now.  I also can wear it to work as well as to yoga or something.  Love the versatility of these wraps!  But I really am going to stop buying these things like they are going out of style.

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  1. I also have a pretty bad obessions with wraps and cardigans. Thin ones for the summer and thicker ones for the winter.


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