Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

My stomach is about to explode as I am sitting here.  I always try to tell myself that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  But that is hard to live by, especially during a day like Thanksgiving!  My parents and their dog came to stay with me and my mom went all out and cooked so much yummy food!  Good thing I had a hard work out in this morning so I don't feel as guilty.  Though I probably have to run for like 2 days straight to burn off all the calories I consumed today.  Lol.  Oh well!  I am also super excited about black Friday!  I think I'm going to stay up until midnight so I can get the best deals online.  Last year I bought lots of stuff right at midnight or 1 am, and they were all gone by the next morning!  I don't know if I'm actually brave enough to venture out and fight the crowd tomorrow, so this might just be it for my shopping spree.  I love the internet.  Maybe I will hit up a Lululemon store tomorrow because I told my mom I would buy her stuff from there since she's been complaining that she's gained weight, and her birthday is this Saturday.  So I hope they will have some deals!  But that's probably just wishful thinking...

Anyway, this has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but I thought it was funny!  I for one hope that I will have a fat baby if I do decide to have kids one day (scary, not thinking about it!) because they are so cute and I can probably start putting them in commercials or something and bank off of them early on!  Muahahaha


  1. OT -- did you catch the True Religion sale at Hautelook -- scooped up a pair for me and my daughter --

  2. I did see it. But I have too many pairs of TR jeans to justify another pair. I barely wear any of them as it is. But I was still excited to see it on Hautelook b/c I've never seen TR on any of those sites before!


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