Monday, November 1, 2010

Lululemon Halloween Costume

Since I go to the Lululemon store so much, I am facebook friends with a bunch of girls that work there.  I know.... it's very much a sign of addiction!  But to my defense, I was a regular member at the run club, and when you run a 10k every week with the same group of people, you get to chat a lot and become friends.  So, the point is that one of the girls that works there posted a picture of her Halloween costume and I just had to share with all you Lulu addicts out there because only you would understand!

Sorry, had to blur out her face - I know it looks creepy.  But isn't it cute that she was mac n' cheese for Halloween and the color name of the Hills pullover and wunder unders she has on are called mac n' cheese??


  1. Very nice!! haha. I never knew there was a Hills Pullover in mac n' cheese!

    How do you blur the face? I like that better than my method of adding a giant solid oval in the Paint program. haha.

  2. I just used the blur tool in Photoshop... took a few tries, because some of the previous attempts looked a little too creepy. Haha.

  3. OMG, this pic is really scary!!! It makes me think of those Japanese horror movies.

  4. I have a mac 'n cheese pullover too and the colour makes me happy when I wear it! Maybe someone call help me find the name of it? It looks similar but the circle mesh under the arms is white and so are the lines under the chest area I think...

  5. Hahaha sorry didn't mean to scare you guys! She's really cute when her face isn't blurred out I swear :)

    Hmmm I have no idea what that top is! Maybe someone else can help...


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