Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Green Dragon Knit Button-Down Tunic

I've been a bad blogger lately.  But I'm literally using all my free time to study for the damn CFA test coming up in less than 2 weeks!  It's just so much material and I need major cramming time.  Argh.  But after that I will have my life back for a couple months!  Anyway, so today I did receive my Green Dragon Knit Button-Down Tunic that I bought on Hautelook when I was sitting in my Microsoft class in Portland last week because of a very nice tip off by a reader!  I am very thankful because I love Green Dragon stuff!  I would have been so sad to miss it.  I tried Green Dragon for the first time when they were on Hautelook back in August, and I was able to grab some really good deals.  I'm in love with everything I bought there.  The materials are so soft and everything is made in great quality and in the great state of California.  Hehe.  The top I received today is no exception!

I thought that since this was a pretty simple looking cardigan, that I wasn't going to be overly impressed.  But I really love how soft it is and how well it fits!  It's made mostly of promodal with some spandex in it.  It's pretty thin, and it's just so comfortable on.  The satin front closure trim detail makes it look a bit fancier, as well as the buttons - I don't know what they are made of, but they feel more durable and they have a nice ring of chrome around them as well.  They are also sewn on securely - I hate sloppy sewing job on clothes.  

The back is very long and completely covers my butt if pulled down all the way.  I think it's meant to be paired with tights.  But I can also scrunch it up and have it rest around my hips, and it doesn't look like too much material at all.  It fits actually on the small side.  I ordered a size small, and it is pretty fitted.  The other Green Dragon stuff I have are also size smalls, but they are pretty roomy.  But on the other hand, I can wear this with the buttons completely open and it doesn't look sloppy.  The gathered details on the front and back kind of camouflages any flaws, and I think it's perfect to wear to work or yoga, or to just hang out in.  So needless to say, I am very happy with it!

I've got to pay more attention to those daily emails about what's on sale so I don't miss good stuff!!  I'm sure Green Dragon will make a come back at another time.  The deals are always really good.  I got this top for $34 when the original retail price was $98.  Hautelook is based in LA (one of my friends actually knows the guy that started the company.  I guess he's making lots of $$$ from people like yours truly and just bought a house in Malibu!) so I always get my purchase the day after they ship them out.  But also because they are based in California, I get to pay sales tax when I shop on there vs. Ruelala or Gilt!


  1. Theres also another site similar to these.
    Its hit or miss as im sure all of these are as im just hearing about them from you! Thanks!

  2. Oh I have that one too. Lol. They seem to have good brands too but I've never bought from there. I've read online that a lot of people are unhappy with them because stuff take forever to arrive, or they never arrive and it's really hard to get refunded. I've never had any problems getting refunds from hautelook, gilt or ruelala so I tend to stick with those 3. As if 3 is not enough already! But if I do try out beyond the racks I'll let you know how it goes...

  3. Beyond the rack was the first one i found to ship to canada. Do you know if the others do? I know ruelala doesnt.

  4. Hmm that I dont know. I thought I saw maybe on gilt that they do ship to Canada but I could be completely making that up. I didn't know that most of them don't ship there. I guess it's the cross border duty thing huh? That sucks. Well if you ever get anything from beyond I'd be interested to know how your experience goes...


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