Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swarovski Genuine Bangle

My mom gave me another present for absolutely no reason - the Swarovski Genuine Bangle.  I wonder what she's up to!  It's perfect though because I haven't had any time to feed my online shopping addiction lately since I've been super busy at work.  It's really unfortunate when you are too busy to mess around online at work right?  Having to actually work... Who does that?  Speaking of which, this is rather OT, but I heard rumors about some very high up, supposedly happily married, male executives surfing porn sites while at work all day long.  Ugh.  To think of how many millions they are getting paid to do that...  I better be getting a big bonus this year. 

Ok back to my bangle...

I don't think I own any bangles, I'm more of a earring and necklace person as I normally find bracelets bothersome.  So I'm not sure why my mom chose to get me this.  But she said she just thought it was very pretty when she saw it and that I'd like it.  I agree.  I do think it's pretty, and I like the subtle color of the Azore crystal.  The color actually is a pretty good match to the Swarovski Erin Crystal Drop earrings I got from Gilt a while ago that I absolutely love and wear a lot.  

I have to say though, this bangle is pretty tight.  Most of it is very rigid, you don't really need the loose chain closure to secure it because the hardware will clamp to the wrist.  It didn't feel uncomfortable or anything though when I tried it on briefly.  I just thought it was odd that they didn't make it slightly bigger and looser.  So I think I will to wear it to my company's holiday party.  My company is known to have very extravagant Christmas parties.  It's all formal attire so people go all out.  They give out really nice prizes.  Like a couple years ago they gave away things like 2 year car leases, or checks for thousands of $$$, fancy vacations, etc.   Doubtful they will go that fancy this year though.  It's all very nice and all but I don't qualify for the raffles because of my title so I guess I'm not really interested in that part (I know, I'm just bitter).  I am just wishing for a big bonus!!  Last year was great, even admin people got over 100% bonus and made about $150k on average.  But again, doubtful it will come close to that this year (lots of drama happened and we lost some assets, though making a comeback now).  I've learned to always keep my expectations low so I won't be disappointed.  Lol.

Why am I talking about work again?  I need to stop it now.  This must be a sign that I've been working too hard.  I even had dreams about some data queries last night.  Wow.  Let's hope it won't be a repetitive theme tonight.

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