Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Engaged! =)

I still can't believe it, but my boyfriend picked me up from work today and totally surprised me with a nice romantic multiple course dinner with wine, flowers, tons of candles, chocolate, and a proposal!  He actually got on his knee and asked me to marry him.  It was so cute.  =)  When I saw the ring, I was so excited because it's so beautiful and elegant!  I still can't stop staring at it and watch it sparkle as it catches the light!  The only thing is that it's too big!  I think it's either one size or half a size too big, I'm not too sure, but it definitely flops around and if I shake my hand it would just fall right off my finger.  I'm not sure what is involved or how much it costs to resize a ring as I've never done it before.  And I really don't want to have to part with it!  But I guess it has to be done...

Anyway, pictures!!!

It's a 2 carat round cut center stone with 18 surrounding diamonds.  And there's also 12 little diamonds all on the band as well, which is white gold.  The surrounding diamonds really make the center stone look huge!  I kept saying to my boyfriend (or fiance now!) that I thought the bling was too big for my finger, but he thinks I can rock it!  

Here are some pictures of me wearing it.  Obviously since I haven't got it resized, I had to clutch my hand to keep it in place!

Didn't realize the boob shot in the background... haha

Sooo now everyone is asking for the date, but really we haven't even talked about it or thought about it.  I was never the type of girl that wanted to be engaged and plan my dream wedding since the age of 7 or something like that.  In fact, I would be more than happy to go somewhere and elope.  Easy and no planning involved!  But I guess the parents and family would want some kind of ceremony.  Though maybe not my mom since I called and texted to tell her about the occassion and she texted back saying she's in the middle of something and will text me later.  Still haven't heard from her!

... Anyway, maybe a smaller destination wedding would be great!  We'll see.  There's tons of time to still think about these things!

Hmmm... now this is something I've never thought about before, but do most people wear their rings all the time?  Like while working out?  Cooking or doing dishes?   Even while sleeping or showering?  I don't think it would be comfortable but maybe I'm just not used to wearing something on my finger yet.  Would water ruin the ring??  Oh my gosh, the things you've never thought of before!  I feel so grown up now.  Maybe it really is the beginning of my new life.  =)


  1. Congrats.. I have been married for 17 yrs, I am so happy for you. I do not wear my ring to bed or if I am at home doing laundry or yardwork, however once I shower and get ready for the day then I wear it all day. Your ring is beautiful..
    Take Care, Nahid

  2. Congrats! I've been married 10 years (last month) - let me tell you - it is a totally new adventure. I don't really wear my ring to the gym or anything that I feel will scratch the band - but do have it cleaned often. I remember wearing it more often on the first year and since my band was white gold, it tended to look dull after a while - but bring it to the jeweler to have it cleaned every once in a while. Good Luck!

  3. Congratulations!!! Your ring is beautiful, I love it! I'm coming up to my fourth wedding anniversary in November (wow, time has flown!).

    I tend to take my rings off as soon as I get home, but then again, I don't like to wear jewelry to bed or around the house while cleaning. I don't wear my rings to the gym either. Water is fine though, won't affect your ring at all.

    My band is white gold and it does lose its shine after a while, I just take it to the jeweler and have it cleaned every few months. I've also had my ring re-rhodium plated twice now, which makes it super shiny again.

    Again, congrats, enjoy being engaged!

  4. Congrats.
    I wear my rings all the time, including sleeping, running and working out unless my workout includes weights or pullups (too tough on the rings and the hands)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Your ring is gorgeous! We just celebrated our 23 anniversary, it's been a good life thus far and I feel incredibly blessed, so ENJOY the ride.

    I don't wear my rings to run or do yoga. Mostly because my fingers tend to swell during exercise and my setting sits high and I don't want it to scratch me during yoga.

    Have fun planning! :-)

  6. Congratulations! I have been married for 14 years, and wear my rings all the time, for everything. I usually forget to take them off for running, etc.

    Try to remember to keep them cleaned (something I tend to forget).

    Congrats again!

  7. Congratulations! So exciting! The ring is beautiful and so romantic!

    If he got it from a jeweler, then they will usually let you re-size it at least once for free (which I had to do because it was way big!). Then I had to re-size it recently to match my band and it cost $70 (mine is platinum, not sure if the metal affects the cost). I got married a year ago, but we just got our bands (we're lazy!) last week. I usually take my engagement ring off for cooking/baking and sometimes my BodyPump class (lifting), and sometimes for sleeping. Like others, I am just not used to wearing jewelry. Now that I have my band, I'll probably keep that on all the time and take the engagement ring off for heavy duty stuff so I don't get the stone too dirty. I do have one of those things of ammonia that you clean jewelry in--then after that I put it in hot (not boiling) water) and it's beautiful again!

    We got engaged after we finished our first marathon together and didn't get married until two years later (again, we are lazy!). We toyed with the idea of getting married at/during the Las Vegas marathon, but eventually, we just had a party on a Friday night, had a friend marry us (I did end up getting a plain, inexpensive, but nice dress and wore fun blue shoes! He wore a suit). Had a local restaurant cater, no dancing, no cake (but I made about a billion different desserts for a dessert bar), but had some fun unique touches. Then we had a big tailgate party the next day. A few days later when the weather was nice, we got dressed in our wedding garb again and took some "trash the dress" type pictures at a park (it was autumn, so the colors were really great). Ok, that was probably way too much information!

    Our parents are very laid back (my parents in fact do not like the idea of spending a lot on weddings), so it was easy for us to do something more casual. :)

  8. Congratulations!! Your boyfriend picked out a beautiful ring!
    I'd think the jeweler would resize the ring the first time for free, if you go back to where it was purchased.

    I put a tiny little scrape in the bottom of my engagement ring band by wearing it to the gym and using one of the weight machines. So I have stopped wearing it to the gym, but I do leave my ring on for running, sleeping, showering. I'll take it off if I'm cleaning or in a chlorinated pool.

    I have been married for just over 3 years now, and need to have my rings re-coated in rhodium, but I don't want to part with them either!

  9. Congratulations! You totally rock the ring. I had the same too big ring experience and had to get it resized immediately.It took a week or so, and I decided not to tell anyone about the engagement until then because the immediate reaction of "ooohh, let me see the ring!" was just so disappointing without it. The paranoia of losing or damaging it goes are durable!

    Enjoy your engagement, looking forward to posts about dresses, shoes and accessories!


  10. Congratulations! The ring is beautiful. What a romantic proposal. I am very happy for you too.


  11. Big Congrats!!! I wear my ring all the time. I'm always afraid if I take it off i'll lose or forget it. I've sometimes strung it on my necklace if I had to bake something and get my hands really dirty but I don't tend to take it off.

  12. Awww you guys are so sweet, thanks everyone for the advice! I'm so glad I can lean on you all for this stuff as I don't have very many married friends, other than some coworkers. So I feel like you guys are my married friends! =D I'm sure I'll have tons more questions later!

    I will definitely try to keep it clean and shiny! I didn't even know you could get it re-coated in rhodium! Seriously I think I'm a freak because I've been staring at it all day in different lighting (I have it with me so I can take it to get resized later today). So I just keep opening up the box and looking at it! Hahaha

    I guess I will have to test things out and see what works for me whether I keep it on all the time or not. It seems to be different for everyone. And it is a concern that if I keep taking it on and off, that's when I'll forget it or lose it and I will be devastated! One of my coworkers lost her ring at a bar when we went to happy hour and she was bawling. Now I totally understand! String it to a necklace is a great idea Lulumum!

    @jennifer, I think it's cool that you had a different ceremony. To each their own. And it's not too much info, I love hearing about these things! I am also leaning towards a non-traditional type of wedding. But my boyfriend is quite traditional and wants the whole sha-bang! Though he is flexible if we talk things through! Last night I told him we could rent out a nice lakefront house in Tahoe or something and have everyone go for a weekend, and get married in the backyard and have a BBQ wedding. LOL! He said it might be ok. =)

    My mom finally called me back last night and sasked me how many kids I want. I don't even have a wedding date set! LOL! I can't even think about that right now, I still feel like a kid myself! Though if I lived in pretty much anywhere but the coastal states, I'd probably be married with 2 kids by this age.

    I'm so excited about engagement pics!

  13. Congrats! I love your ring, but I guess I have to because it is almost identical to mine:) Specs and all.. Wear it and love it. Mine is a three sided micro pave setting with diamonds all the way around the band so I didn't have a resizing ability, but they but little balls in the ring to make it a half size bigger. (I have HUGE knuckles and small fingers).

    I am not sure if yours is diamonds all the way around, but if it is, try the ball option it really works.

    As for wear, be careful with a halo ring, I am pretty rough on mine and recently hand to take it back to the designer (Cellini in NYC) to have it reshaped, I know now, no wearing to bed, no showering and no washing dishes (which I pretty much hate to do anyways)

    CONGRATS and have so much fun being engaged!

  14. Congratulations!!! That's great news!

  15. @ojodeazul- sounds like you have a great excuse to not be the one to do dishes :-p

  16. Congratulations!! I've been married for 8 years now. I felt the same as you when I got my ring. I took it off originally when doing dishes and showering but was always afraid I'd lose it, even if I always put it in my jewelry box. Now I wear it for dishes, gym, pretty much everything but I do take it off to go to bed. What an exciting time for you, enjoy every minute of it. Your fiance did a great job, that is a beautiful ring.

  17. Congratulations! That is a beautiful ring. I remember when I first got engaged I'd stare at my hand all the time. I wear mine only when I go out because I don't like to wear jewelry that much. I usually take it off as soon as I get home and I don't wear it swimming or to bed. I do wear mine to the gym but when I lift I use gloves anyway to avoid calluses. Get used to being asked about kids. After the wedding is over, that is all you'll hear until you pop one out. ;-)

  18. Congratulations!! Married life has been wonderful for me for the last 17 years, and I wish you and your fiance all the happiness in the world! The ring is gorgeous too. An exciting new adventure for you in life...! It will be cool to hear all about your wedding plans on the blog. Enjoy!

  19. Congrats and what a gorgeous ring!!!!!! Personally, I always wear my rings except working out and sleeping. Can't wait to hear about all your future wedding plans!

  20. Thanks again! I went and got my ring resized yesterday. It only took like an hour and they did it right on the spot! The original size was 6.5 but I guess I'm actually a size 5 so I had to get it sized down 1.5 sizes! I think I have bigger knuckles too, because it's still a little loose around my finger, but if I got it any smaller I would not be able to get it on or off. It's already a struggle as is. I guess I just have to deal with it! Wouldn't it be cool if they made bands that expand and contract with your finger? Hehe

  21. Mine is a 5 with balls in it is perfect. If your rings still spins like crazy in the cooler weather, the balls are a great option.

    Also, they do make shanks especially for people with large knuckles, but they are fairly plain and super expensive. (

    We got them for my grandmother when she could no longer get her engagement ring over her knuckles. When she cried she was so happy to have her ring, it made it all worth while.

    Hope you have gotten used to your fantastic bling!

  22. Yeah I think the balls might be a good idea. It doesn't spin like crazy, but it does tilt to the side since it's a really top heavy ring. But my band is SUPER thin, it's like 1 mm lol. I wonder if they have balls that small? Is it still comfortable or can you always feel the balls digging in?

  23. If I can get a good picture of my ring later I will show them to you. Looking at your band it looks thicker than mine and they managed to put balls in mine (it is PT). They are more like speed bumps then balls. It made a huge difference it used to spin to the side all day and then when cold the diamond would end up under my hand.

  24. Congratulations!! My best friend got engaged on the same day as you and they are the greatest couple so maybe it is a lucky day ;)

  25. Congrats, beautiful ring! I have a very similar ring; cushion cut with micropave halo and band. I would avoid working out with it; particularly with pave you should be careful, everything from yoga to weights as it will scratch platinum and may loosen the pave and prongs. Plus sweat and soap and stuff makes the diamond foggy. Just be careful where you put it; I almost had a heart attack after I thought I lost a van cleef necklace after a yoga class.

  26. Congratulations! That is such exciting news, and what a beautiful ring. Thanks for sharing all those photos with us!


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