Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lululemon Happy Heat Tank

I went to Lululemon today and tried on the Happy Heat Tank in coal/ persimmon and very violet.  I really loved this tank and loved it in both colors.  But I ended up going home with the coal/ persimmon color combo because the contrasting colored lines on it were very figure enhancing!

Very Violet
Like I said, the solid colored very violet one is very pretty too.  But I think I will wait for that color to come out in another top.  I'm kind of tired of purply colors anyway, and I just realized I don't have any coal tops!  The girl that helped me at the store also said that a lot of their new items are coming out in persimmon, so I'll be more trendy lol.  I really love this persimmon color.  It reminds me of a softer version of electric orange.  It's more peachy too.  Very pretty.  The persimmon lines on the chest of the coal top somehow add at least a full cup size visually!  That's always a good thing for me nowadays - I used to be a C cup when I had more weight on me, but when I lost lots of body fat, my boobs went as well!

Oh yeah, I had to size up in this tank.  I originally tried my normal size 4, but the chest was too tight on top and created the double boobage look.  Not cute.  And I'm like an A cup!  I think I have broader shoulders though so that could also be why.  The size 6 had a slightly bigger cup so it wasn't cutting in on top of my chest, and just looked much better.  The bra band of this top is the thin kind though, so it wasn't digging in on either size.  The tummy area is looser with the 6 but I still don't see the ruching as obviously as the model above - she must've sized up 2 sizes to accommodate her chest size!  Size 4 was pretty figure hugging and you can't really see the ruching at all while wearing it.  I also like how the criss cross straps on the back can be adjusted to your preferred length.

It's made of luxtreme, and the length is slightly shorter than most of my other Lululemon tops.  But I wouldn't say it's short.  I actually think it's the perfect length for me.  Maybe the band of my Groove pants will actually show when I'm wearing this tank!  It also comes with the cup cookies in the tank, so that is always a plus.  I know you can always ask for them, but I forget to most of the time until I get home.  I feel like those things really enhance the shape and size of the chest.  Plus I'm always self-conscious about my nipples showing through tanks while working out so I always wear these things!  Though that's probably because me and my boyfriend always giggle when we spot headlights!  I know, we are very immature.


  1. Glad to hear that you had to size up in this tank too. I tried on my regular size (6) and it looked awful. (32DD). So I moved up to the 8 and it was MUCH better, but I bet the 10 would have looked fine too...

  2. Boyfriend? it's time to call him your fiance! ;)

  3. Did you find the front gathered seams to be chafing? A couple of the Lulu reviews stated that they felt the seam rubbed because it wasn't flatlocked? I want to get this, but I actually do wear my Lulu to work out in so comfort is super impt.

  4. Actually yes, I did notice that after I wrote this post. I didn't feel it when I tried it on at the store, but when I put it on again at home I felt it. It scratches a little. I wear my Lulu to work out in too, so I'm wondering too if it will bother me. Good thing I haven't taken the tags off yet. But I still really love the look of this top though... arrgghhh why can't they do the flatlock seam like all the other stuff they have?

  5. "why can't they do flatlock seam like all the other stuff they have?"

    Because if they were rational like that, they wouldn't be Lulu, now would they. Thank-you for coming back & letting me know about the seams, though! I think I'll pass on this one unless I find it for a steal later down the line.

    Did you see, on FB, someone mentioned about the rubbing, & when someone else asked "doesn't someone test" the stuff before they make them, & then GEC came back saying they do run tests & that it may rub some & not others. They always spout such nonsense, it's starting to irk me. If you have even 5 people testing the tank, I'll bet you that at least 2 will say it rubs---so then, flatlock the seams, duh! But what I'm pretty sure is that they don't really run product testing, because if they did, they'd find all of the recent issues that people have been complaining about. The fact that so many issues are a "surprise" to them tells me a lot...

  6. Hahaha you are so funny! Well I would be more than happy to test stuff out for them! Hehehe what a great job that would be.... Maybe we could take the tank back to the store and ask to see if their free seamstress service includes sewing down all the seams?


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