Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angry Birds

Ok I'm not a gamer, but this game Angry Birds is totally sweeping the nation!  Or world?

My boyfriend first became addicted to it when he got it for free on his Android.  Once I knew what it was, I started seeing more and more people play it everywhere I go.  It's got a very distinctive sound when you play it, so there's no mistake.  I then found out that a bunch of my coworkers are addicted to the point where they are not even working  or eating lunch anymore.  Then I saw a headline on Bloomberg last week that EA just bought this game for $20 million.  What the...?!?  That's crazy!

So I decided to give it a try myself.

Yeah, like I really need more distractions!

It costs 99 cents on the iphone app store, and they also have a free version to try out before committing that hard earned dollar.

Must say, it's a pretty fun game.  Very addicting indeed!  Last night I felt like I was about to get sick, so I went to "bed" early.  But instead of sleeping, I was playing the game under the covers!  As can be seen from the pic above, it's basically shooting different birds (your weapons) into these piggies to kill them.  Different birds do different things, so you have to learn what to do with the kind you get.  And also you need to know how to aim, and strategize as you move up more levels because different structures will be in your way and you only have so many birds to try to kill all the piggies.  Lol.  I know, very nerdy.  It's more frustrating when you get to certain levels and you just can't seem to get all the piggies!!  So yeah, it hooks you because you just want to beat the levels!  There are tons of levels too.  Pretty fun.  I'm a fan.  It also seems to be a very well built game, the graphics look great, and it's just solid all the way around.  I can totally see EA making it into a Nintendo or Playstation game or something.  I wish I was smart enough to create an awesome iphone app and cash in $20 mill! 

Oh yeah, there's also tons of apps in the app store that sell you the strategies to beat each level of Angry Birds.  I guess that alone tells you how much following they have!  So, if you need a cheap and fun way to kill some time, this will keep you entertained for a while!


  1. I never play games but I just installed Angry Birds on my Droid because of your post....OH NO!! Now I'm addicted. FUN! Thanks :-)

  2. Too funny! I just blogged about Angry Birds myself today after a co worker showed it to me yesterday.

  3. Hahaha that's hilarious! Maybe we can all share strategies some time! Hehe... I'm on level 4-16 right now.

  4. Just d/l'd AG Halloween for Ipod Touch...if I get addicted, I'm gonna blame u!!!

  5. Sorry, that AG was supposed to be AB

  6. Hahaha... have fun!! I don't have the Halloween version, maybe I should get it too...

  7. This isn't relevant to the post, but man, did you see the new belt it out pant? It's soooo ugly! At least online. I don' think I would EVER wear that. What do you think?

  8. Hehe... I just checked them out. I'm not a fan either. They look very dated. In fact, I'm pretty sure Lululemon used to make the exact same pant or crop with that same belt. It would be cuter if the belt was wider...


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