Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things Remembered - Pink Stainless Steel & Ceramic Mug

My mom randomly got me the Pink Stainless Steel & Ceramic Mug from Things Remembered the other day.  She said she just saw it while out shopping for a friend, and thought I'd like it.  She even got it engraved with my initials.  I know it's a silly little gift, but I am really loving it!  It's one of the most useful gifts anyone ever got me.  And I think she got it on sale for $14.  LOL!

This is so cute, and I love how it is a thermal mug with a lid.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but the trading desk area where I sit at work is sooooo cold.  I sit under two vents too so I get cold air blasting at me all day long.  I think they just have to keep the room cold due to tons of high powered computers and 4 or more monitors per person that are running all the time.  Plus we have almost 100 people sitting on the trading desk, so we all just have to deal with the temperature.  I'm always freezing at work, and drinking something warm usually helps.  But my tea or coffee always gets cold within a few minutes because of the constant AC blasting at them.  I'm so glad I now have this cute pink mug to keep my drinks warm! The inside of the mug is aluminum, it keeps the warmth trapped in for hours, and it's just so perfect for me!

It's a really good size too, so I don't have to keep refilling.  It is amazing how something as simple as this can make me so happy!  Though I do have to say bringing this mug with me to get drinks at the kitchen area is kind of embarrassing because I'm all the way on the inside by the window, and I have to walk past lots of people to get to the kitchen.  The mug is just so big and pink!  The male to female ratio at the desk is like 10 to 1.  I can literally count all the women in the room on one hand.  So I don't want all the dudes making fun of me (I also already have a big bright pink water bottle that I use all the time).  Lol.  Though I do secretly really love the baby pink. 

Anyhow, being guys, they probably don't even notice things like this.  I'm just really glad that my mom got me this mug, I've been using it everyday, and I highly encourage everyone to get it while it's on sale! It is rather perfect for hot chocolate spiked with Baileys too (tried that over the weekend)!  


  1. My previous company gave us each a mug that looks just like it with a lid and the company's name written on it. Although I'd prefer the pink colour and not having my previous employer's logo, I still use the mug at home all the time. It is huge and I find my coffee does stay warm longer in it even without the lid!

  2. I went to university with mostly guys (I was sometimes the only girl in the class) and now work with almost all guys and my opinion is if you love a girly colour, use or wear whatever the item is and don't pay attention to the funny looks from the boys. As long as you aren't acting stereotypically 'girly' and do you work you deserve to have some pretty things around.

    If you're looking for more hot drinks, I recommend loose leaf tea because you can buy a bunch of different flavours in small amounts and there are tons of flavours available.


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