Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tieks by Gavrieli Ballet Flats in Diamond White Croc!

So, I'm not a flats person really, but I've been hearing about Tieks by Gavrieli ballet flats for years.  People seem to really love them and they are known to be very comfortable.  I was trying to decide what shoes to bring with me on vacation (I'm going to Italy) and I decided none of my current shoes would work as everyday walking shoes in hot weather lol.  So I ordered me some Tieks, in "diamond white croc" print.  They are not made of real crocodile skin, just leather that's made to look like croc print.  But they are slightly more expensive than the normal smooth leather flats by Tieks.  So they are $195, instead of $175.  Either way, these are some expensive ass flats.

I didn't know ballet flats could cost more than regular shoes, but it is so.  Are these worth the price tag, you ask?  Well... that's subjective I think lol.  I can tell you that they are pretty comfortable and they do come with some bells and whistles.

First of all, they come packed in a nice box with a huge flower on top lol.  And a nice thank you card, like this:

The flower is actually attached to an elastic band that's wrapped around the box.  It's like a headband for the box:

I actually prefer the box without the flower lol:

Once you open the box, the flats are nicely compacted in there:

Along with the shoes, there are 2 other bags that are packed inside the box too - it's amazing how these all fit in the little box!

The bigger of the two bags is the carry bag for the shoes.  Though it looks really really tiny and I doubted how both shoes would even fit in it.  It seemed to me that each shoe should get its own bag lol.

And here are the shoes unfolded:

So Tieks are known for the teal bottoms, kind of like Louboutin's red bottoms.  I like this Tiffany blue, especially with a patent white leather.

I ordered my regular shoe size which is 6.  That's what they recommend, though I guess some people do size up or down depending on the width of their feet.  I think it's a good call to go with my regular size.  They are pretty comfortable right off the bat, and seem to not need a "break in" period.  I wore them for a few blocks walk and there was no discomfort at all.  

I did read that the patent leather is not as soft as matte leather though.  But I still didn't get any blisters or any discomfort.  Here they are on me:

So, as you were wondering, both of these flats do fit in the pouch thingy!  The material of this little bag is stretchy.  So it takes a little effort to shove both of the shoes in there lol.  It's a great idea though, because it's so tiny and easy to carry around now.  Here's what it looks like with the shoes inside:

Of course, it all fits inside the box for easy storage too:

Oh yeah, and the other bag is actually a tote bag.  It is very thin material, and the outside "cover" is attached to it.  

I guess it's a bag to store your heels or less comfortable shoes if you decide to change into your Tieks.

Anyway, it's pretty smart!  So these are the extra things you get when you shell out $200 for flats.  I like them though, and I am keeping mine, but I don't know about the price vs. value aspect.  They are perfect to take on vacation so that was my purpose for them.  

They do seem to be made well.  You'd get your money's worth if you wear them a lot.  But I don't know if they are really that much better than other flats you can get for like $50.  Though you can say the same about Louboutin shoes vs. much cheaper brands, and you know how I feel about Loubies lol.  So there you go!  I definitely think they belong in more of the "splurge item" category, depending on your budget!

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