Thursday, August 4, 2016

Items from the Vince Summer Sale!

Vince is having a great sale right now!  You get 25% off on top of sale price (code SUMMER16).  I'm actually not sure if it's ended but you should try!  I got some pretty good deals, and actually went back to order more yesterday, and the code still worked.  I wanted to get some casual tops for my upcoming vacay and Vince is perfect for that.  Here are what I got so far:

Lattice Print Cocoon Tee, only $34 after the discount compared to $115 retail!

I usually wear size XS in Vince tops, but they only had size XXS or S.  I debated for a while and thought that since the top fits so loosely, size S might be too loose.  So I took a chance and got XXS.  I was worried about it but it's a good fit!  Not the same "cocoon" fit as it's intended to be, I suppose.  But it's still a nice loose fit and I'm happy with both the width and the length.

Next, I got this Mixed Media V-Neck Tee in white.  But yesterday I went back and ordered the other two colors lol (navy and a cream color).  I love this tee because it's a soft casual tee with a bit of flare on the bottom that makes it different!  This tee is now $40 after the discount (from $135).  

I got this in XS.  I think both XS and a size up would work.  In fact, I ordered one of the other colors in S just to see.  

The bottom layer is like this crinkled chiffon:

Then, I got the Cashmere Cocoon Sweater in "new buff" which is like a pinkish nude color.  This sweater is $82 now, down from $275.  Obviously, it costs more since it's 100% cashmere.  I really like it though.  I wanted to order another one, but I don't like the yellowish color that it comes in, and the off-white color doesn't have my size anymore.

This is size XS as well.  I think anything larger than this would be too loose.  It's super soft and comfortable!

Ok, next item I got is a long sleeve.  It's the Pima Modal Double Layer Tee.  It's on the thicker side, because it's truly double layer (not just the second layer sewn onto the bottom).  But it's the softest thing ever!  I love it.  It's now $51 from $115.

Again, I got it in XS.  It's literally the most comfortable top.


See?  The bottom gray layer goes all the way to the top!  The sleeves are only 1 layer though. 

Lastly, I got a more dressy top which is the Lattice Overlay Sleeveless Blouse.  This one now is $88, down from $295.  But I loved the detail on it.  It comes in black and dark navy.  I got black because I thought it would be more versatile.

I got this top in XS as well, mainly because the black color only had XS left.  I do wish it was S because it feels just a bit constricted in the chest.  There's no stretch at all to this material.  But in XS, it's not too tight or short so I can still make it work.

The details of this top are pretty cool!

Pretty happy with this order because I can wear all this stuff on a regular basis!  Also excited to get the next order!  It should arrive in the next couple days, I think.  I love buying Vince on sale.  Vince is pretty much all I wear now on weekends lol.

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