Saturday, August 13, 2016

First Time Ordering from Lulus!

I've heard that this site Lulus has cute and cheap dresses, but I had never made an order until now.  I decided to actually get a top and a dress, just to try it out.  I received my items a couple weeks ago, I'm pretty happy with them!  The quality is pretty decent, especially for the price.  They also offer free shipping and free return shipping.  So I've gone ahead and ordered a couple more items!  

So first, I got the Handle My Business Sleeveless top in white.  I figure this top can be worn casually or to work under a jacket.  I can also take it with me on vacation!  Very versatile.  Only $34.

They only had size M in this top, so that's what I ordered.  However, it does seem like they restock their sizes because when I checked last week, they had a full size run.  But size M is actually fine.  It's a tiny bit loose but with the style being a loose style, I don't think it matters.  So I've definitely kept it, and worn it!  Love it.  In fact, I love it so much that I ordered another one in light blue (they also have black and dark red) in size S.

I actually really like the design on the back:

Here's the fabric up close, and the neck tie:

Love the double layers on the bottom:

Next item I got is the I'm Impressed Navy Crochet Dress.  It also comes in white, which looks amazing.  But unfortunately they were sold out.  I'll have to check back for it.

It is shorter than I thought it would be, but it's pretty comfortable and airy.  It's very lightweight and flowy.  But it's got a lining so there's no see-through problems at all.  I got it in size S.  It's loose fitting.  I think I'll take it to Italy with me because it's kind of a perfect beach vacay dress!

Here's the crochet neckline up close:

It does wrinkle a little.  This is after I've worn it all day though.  Not too bad.

Anyway, the white one looks even more perfect for a beach vacay!!  Lol.  Alas... maybe next time.


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