Friday, July 22, 2016

Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight in Wine Berry / Bon Bon

I love my naval blue Lululemon Tight Stuff Tight and have been meaning to get another pair in a different color for a while.  At first I was thinking black.  But they never went on sale lol.  I refuse to pay the full price for these because $148 is just too much!  Hahaha.  I got my naval blue ones for $148 Canadian (about $125ish USD at the time) when I was in Vancouver and that was the most I wanted to pay.  As much as I love these, I don't know why they should be $50 more than other already expensive tights.  Anyway.  So the wine berry / bon bon color went on sale for $99, which is more in line with their regular non-sale price.

This wine berry color is a nice color!  I think the Lululemon web photos show pretty well how they look in real life.  They are lighter than what you would imagine a "wine" color looks like.  More red than purple.  But pretty subdued.  

They are exactly the same design as my naval blue ones, but the stitchings show up a bit better since the color is lighter.  I really like them in this color.  I got them in size 4 as well and they fit exactly the same as my other pair.  They are not nearly as stretchy as other Lululemon tights, so it's a little struggle to put them on.  Once they are on though, they are fabulous.  So I wouldn't size up.

I just really love the whimsical reflective design on the legs!  They look very unique. 

The darker lines are actually just a shadow.  I guess my lighting wasn't great when I took these pictures.

The only "bon bon" color visible from the outside is the zipper.  But these are such high rise pants that you will probably never see the zipper unless you wear a crop top or a sports bra only.

I really hope the black ones go on sale!  I've been waiting for that to happen forever and they just never seem to be.  I'm not in a huge hurry since I have so many black tights already.  But one of these days I'll search on ebay or something and hopefully find a pair for a good price!


  1. The black ones are on sale now on wmtm! I've been eyeing them too but haven't yet pulled the trigger..

    1. The black ones with dots on them right? I saw those too, but I want the black ones that are exactly like these... solid black with the same reflective design. Those are still full price. =/


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