Saturday, July 30, 2016

Valentino Rockstud Heels

I finally found my dream shoes!!  Lol.  Seriously though, I have been looking for a pair of bright highlighter yellow Valentino Rockstud Heels in 100mm for a VERY long time and finally found a pair on ebay!  The Rockstud heels have a really good resale value, so they generally go pretty high on ebay, even for used ones!  I'd say average is $500ish from what I've seen.  Luckily, I had a lot of ebay bucks from buying so much in the last few months so it didn't feel like a huge splurge to get these shoes lol.  This style comes in many different colors, and I think the brighter colors are the best.   Since the straps are nude, even bright colors don't appear to be super loud.  Also, the 100mm heel height is very comfortable.

Here they are!!

So these are size 36.  People say Valentino shoes run small, but I wear my regular size still.  People also say the same for Louboutin shoes and I also wear my true size, so maybe I'm an outlier.  I can't imagine wearing a bigger size in these Rockstud shoes... the straps would be so loose.  In fact, the strap that goes from the side to the back is already loose in size 36, as you can see below.  I've heard that this issue is rather common though, in every color.  I can't size down either because then my heel would fall out of the back lol.  It's not ideal, but not a deal breaker.  At least the strap that goes horizontally across the ankles is a good fit.

When you wear the shoes, and you are moving around, the slightly loose strap is not noticeable at all.  I wore them to work last week and here's what they look like with an outfit:

I love these so much that I don't even care about the slight imperfections.  The studs are actually quite shiny so as you walk around, they catch the light and they are just so pretty!  I've already worn them every chance I've gotten lol.  Now I understand why these shoes are so highly sought after.  I think I need these in another color - just have to decide which one.  I totally should have jumped on the Rockstud bandwagon a long time ago!  =)

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