Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Items from Titika!

I recently received 6 items from Titika and I couldn't be more excited!  The first item is actually something I've had my eye on for a quite a while - the Heart Legging!  I first saw these months ago, and thought they looked soooo cute.  When I received them last week, I was even happier with them because the material and fit are both perfect!  I think out of all the legging brands I've tried, these are the closest to Lululemon's luon which I always thought was the gold standard.  The material of the Heart Legging feels the same to me.  On top of that, the fit of the Heart Legging is pretty much identical to Lulu's wunder under pant.  I'm very happy about this discovery, because Titika has lots of cute legging/crop styles, and at much more reasonable prices.  The Heart Legging is pretty much the most expensive ones though, but they are worth it lol.

In size 2, these leggings fit perfectly (one size down from my normal Lulu bottom size).  They are very very comfortable.  I'd say if you like a very compressive fit, you could even size down.  But I like them just like this.  Similar to Lululemon's leggings, these are a few inches too long on me too.  I just do what the model does above, which is scrunch them on the ankles a bit and it looks good.  But here I am wearing them like stir-ups, which I sometimes do in yoga/pilates classes:

Since my shirt is covering the top portion of the leggings above, you can't actually see that there's another triangular cutout area right below the waist band on the sides.  Also, wide waistbands are always a welcome sight:

Here are close ups of the other mesh cutout areas from different angles:

I really like that from the front, these leggings look totally different than from the side or back!  I really couldn't say a single negative thing about these.  They are perfect.

I also received 2 bras.  They are similar in style but different colors.  First is the Cut Out Bra in coral pattern:

Similar to the legging, this bra is size 4, which is one size down from my preferred Lululemon bra size.  Titika bras come with cup inserts too, which I think is a MUST in sports bras.  They are supportive too, without being constrictive.  I also really like the coral space dye color with the little mesh peekaboo:  


The next bra is the Bond Bra in black.  It's a pretty similar style, but lower cut in the front.  It also has a real peep-hole instead of mesh.  I can no longer find the black one online, but the 3 other colors on the link are on sale for $31 right now - great deal!  This is one of them:


And here's the solid black one I got, in size 4 as well:

I can never have enough black bras.  I wear my black ones quite often.

Ok next, I got the Topaz Tank in bright blue, which is super cute and exactly the type of open-back tank that I like:

These tanks are similar in style to my Splits59 Devon tanks.  But the material is different.  It's Viscose/wool blend, but it's very light weight.  Feels like cotton.  I got this one in size M, which is loose fitting.  But I do love loose fitting tanks.  I'm always afraid of the length being too short on smaller sizes.  I think this tank would have been ok in size S though.  But I'm pretty happy with the way the M fits.

And some close up shots:

There's a metallic logo on the lower left side, which is sewn on:

The next item I got is the Luna Cardi.  It's this loose bat-wing style cardigan:

It's quite long, especially in the back.  And it definitely fits on the loose side.  Here's the size S on me:

Perfect thing to lounge around in!  It's hard to get the details to show on photos since it's black, but here are some close up ones so you can see the material:

Batwing style sleeves:

Lastly, I got the Lucky Shorty.  I actually have a pair of very similar shorts from Beyond Yoga that I love.  I don't wear this style to the gym, since I generally find it a bit too revealing for me to do squats and things like that in, which is like 95% of what I do at the gym.  But I love wearing them around the house.  I've also worn them to run or play tennis outside during a hot day.  I've even worn them to sleep in!

These are also size 2, like the Heart Legging.  Love them.

Cute logo on lower left:

And that's everything I got!  I can pretty much wear all of this stuff on a regular basis, so I'm pretty stoked.  As I said, I'm especially excited about the leggings, because it opens up a whole new world of options to me!  Now I'm having itchy fingers and may just order a couple more pairs!  =P

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  1. Great haul. All look amazing on you - especially the leggings.


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