Saturday, July 16, 2016

Vince Bram Sneakers

I ordered the Vince Bram Sneakers earlier this week.  They are on sale from $250 to $100.  I've been wearing my Alice and Olivia Stace Face sneakers a lot on the weekend.  But they are kind of out there and my bf hates them lol.  He thinks they look so immature like a 12 year old girl's shoes lol.  Sigh.  He just doesn't understand.  So I decided to get some "grown up" looking sneakers to shut him up!  Haha!  Also to have another pair that goes with more outfits anyway.  I thought these Vince sneakers were a pretty good looking pair to have!  They are leather on the front and snakeskin on the back.  

They only have a couple sizes left on Vince's website, probably because the sales price is pretty low now.  But they are also available at a slightly higher sales price in all sizes at Neiman Marcus Last Call.  

When I bought mine earlier this week, they only had size 5.5 as the closest size to my regular size which is 6.  I was going to pass on them but then I went on other websites to read fit reviews, and most people actually recommend sizing down half a size to a full size.  Though I was hesitant, I decided 5.5 was probably ok so I got them.  Vince's sale items are final sale so it was a bit of a chance I took.  

Turns out, the length is good in size 5.5.  But I do feel that the top fits a little tight.  Though they may loosen up a bit and become the perfect fit once I wear them in.  I don't think sizing down a full size would be a good idea though.  Maybe other materials of the Bram sneakers run bigger, but I would say this one is either true to size or half a size down at most.

All the reviews I read said that these were super comfortable, and they definitely are way more comfortable right off the bat than the Alice and Olivia ones.  Those ripped the back of my feet pretty bad after the first few wears.  I've worn these Vince ones a couple times already (walked a few blocks each time) and they have been fine so far.  But like I said, I hope the top stretches out a little more so they are not tight against my feet.

Here's another color in the same style which has the snakeprint on top, and they have more sizes available for the same price I paid.  I think they are pretty cute too and debated between those and the ones I got.  I ended up getting mine because I wanted mostly black ones.  =)

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