Saturday, July 2, 2016

DVF Dress & Aiko Top

I got these items from ebay a while ago, but I forgot to post about them!  A white DVF sun dress, and an Aiko top with leather sleeves.  They are both older styles, but I was able to get them brand new for very cheap!  I forget the exact amount I paid, but I want to say like $50 for the dress and $20 for the top.  The dress looks very similar to the DVF Kayley Eyelet Dress that's on sale right now.

This dress looks like a wrap dress, but it's actually not.  The bottom is closed.  So you have to step into it.  This is my normal DVF size 4.  I think it's perfect for the summer, and pretty flattering for being white!

The Aiko top I got is cool because it's got genuine leather sleeves.  It is a bit strange to have such a thin shirt with leather sleeves.  But the leather sleeve only covers the top portion of each sleeve.  So it's not that hot.  I got it in size S.

I've always had major love for baseball style shirts!

At first I was worried about not being able to wear this shirt, but I've already worn it a couple times!  I have not worn the dress yet, but 4th of July seems like a perfect time for it!

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