Thursday, July 28, 2016

All Saints Sale

I made a big order from All Saints last week, since they are having 20% off all sale items (code EXTRA20).  I actually ended up returning the whole order!  I don't believe that something like this has ever happened to me.  Sure, I return things all the time.  But I can't remember a single other time that I've ordered a bunch of items and didn't keep any.  First time for everything - haha!

So here are the items I ordered and the reason why I returned them.  First one is probably my favorite item, which is the Victoria Boot.  They are cute and really nothing wrong with them at all.  But since I just got the Rag & Bone boot, which are kinda similar in style (though very different colors), I felt it was overkill to have another pair, especially when it's so hot out right now.  The Victoria Boot was on sale from $360 to $216 and you get extra 20% off so they ended up being like $170.

If you are in the market for boots like these, I think they are totally cute though!  I got size 6.5 which is half a size up from my usual.  It fits well. 

Inner Side

Note that their EU size is totally off though.  I'm usually US size 6 and EU size 36.  But these are US size 6.5 and EU size 37.5.  Go with your normal US size!

Ok, next item is very disappointing, because it looks cute on the model.  But it's way shorter than expected.  It is the Mau Pina Tee.  It looks to be a regular length tee on the model.  Maybe one would need to size up a lot in order to get that length.  But I got size S and it is already loose fitting.

I am wearing a white tank under the tee.  But you can see how short it is.  I don't like the cut off tee style that's so popular right now.

I also wasn't sure what was going on with the collar - looks like an elementary job:

Bottom hem is not much better:

So that was an easy pass.  Next item is kinda cute and I considered keeping.  It is the Chan Stripe Dress.  In the end I returned it because it's nothing special, especially given the price of $90 after the discount.  Also the material is really thick, like a thick towel.  So I was pretty hot in it and didn't see when I would be able to wear this.  I got it in size S and it's true to size:

This waist/hip tie thing is very wide as well and it's sewn on so you can't take it off.  It feels a bit chunky.

Next dress I actually kinda do like is the Elis Cowl Dress.  I like the fact that it's very loose fitting on top and fitted on the bottom.  But I returned it because the top is a little TOO overwhelming.  I wish they had toned it down just a bit.  The bottom is also rather short and on the tight side.  So I like the idea but I think the execution makes it a little awkward.  I did think about keeping it though.

This is size S as well and true to size.

Next is another dress.  The Adria Dress.  I thought it would be a nice black dress to have that is not too fancy or too casual.  But the fit is just bad.  I think the sewing job on one side is off.  Even if it was right, I still wasn't crazy about it so it was an easy return as well.  I also got it in size S.  

Note the lower right side of the picture and how it bulges out for no reason:

Here's the lower portion up close - I don't know what's going on there:

And here's the upper portion:

Ok, the final dress I got is the Nast Dress.  I can't even tell you how it fits though, because I couldn't get it on!  Hahaha!  The material has no stretch at all, and there are no zippers or anything.  So you have to either pull it over your head/shoulders, or step into it.  Either way, I couldn't even come close to being able to put it on.  I ordered size S which is the same size as all the other items.  I think if I was able to put it on, it would be loose fitting like it is on the model though.  I held it up against me and it looked that way lol.  Too bad.  I like the rust color.  But not enough to exchange for a bigger size.  I thought it was too pricey anyway, at $187.

Ok, last item!  It is the Wasson Pirate Cardigan which is a thin sweater/cardigan thingy.  I kind of liked it too, but not enough to keep for the price tag of $80ish.  It's also a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be.  I'm not sure what size models All Saints uses, but so far both tops I got have been very misleading.  I got this cardigan in size S as well which looks like a full length cardigan on the model but half length on me.

So the cool thing about this cardigan is that it's convertible.  There are snap buttons on the front lapels and the lower back so you can wear it closed instead of draping open.  Here are the buttons:

So if you wrap the front in opposite directions and snap onto the back, this is what the cardigan looks like:

I don't like how they placed the buttons too far away from the edge so you can see the edge drooping down when snapped to the back:

So I thought about keeping this cardigan for like 5 minutes and decided I didn't like it that much after all.  Therefore, everything went back!!  How sad.  I definitely had higher hopes for All Saints.  Oh well, I'll be getting almost $800 back that I can put to better use!


  1. I really like the boots and cowl dress on you. Too bad none of the items worked. The fit on the black dress is odd.

  2. i really love your outfits and your sexy body. <3


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