Thursday, June 30, 2016

Christian Louboutin Dalida Pump

As shown in the last Sunday Funday post (Friday outfit), I got some new Louboutin shoes!  They are the Dalida 120mm pump with a super unique wavy heel!  So many people have asked me if the heels are supposed to be like that lol.  I had been wanting some solid white patent pumps for a while and these were basically perfect.  

I love how the wavy look is carried all throughout the shoe, from the heels to the sides and front too.  Obviously these are not the most comfortable lol, being 120mm and no platform.  But these Foot Petal things actually do help.  At first I thought they were pretty expensive for heel pads, but they are on the thick side and they do help prevent slipping (the material is the type that would soak up any moisture aka sweat):

Also, I had to get these in size 37 but I think size 36.5 would fit better.  But I could not find the white color in that size.  However, with the size 37 and a couple Foot Petal pads, I am good to go so it's not too bad.  So I would say that this style fits true to size, since I usually wear size 36 or 36.5 Louboutin shoes.  I think for higher rise styles with no platform, half a size up is more comfortable so I would have gone with 36.5 in this one if that was available.

Anyways, can't wait to wear these all the time now that summer is here!  I just love a nice clean white pump.


  1. Just curious....What's your count on Louboutins?

    That's great that you can weed them out on eBay. I don't know much about Fendi or Louboutins so I don't even chance it on eBay. I have been finding myself dabbling with a few different shoe brands....I really like Aquazzura, Stuart Weiztman, and Loeffler Randall....but even still. I found my best deals through my local upscale boutiques. I've gotten $400-500 shoes for 60-70% off through semi-annual sales....where I couldn't find those prices online (excluding Poshmark/eBay)

    1. Hmmm... I think I have like 10-12 pairs of Loubs now? Hahaha. I love them! I've had great luck so far on sites like ebay, tradesy, posh, etc. The thing with Louboutins is that they don't really ever go on sale... sigh...

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