Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lululemon Lighten Up Bra & Another What'SUP Hat =)

It's been quite a while since I bought anything from Lululemon!  But I was browsing their site last week, and came upon the Lighten Up Bra, which looked promising since it had a cute back.  So I ordered it to give it a shot.  I got it in the cheery cheetah dark slate/regal plum color combo.

So it looks pretty similar to the Free To Be Wild bra, but the straps don't criss cross in the back.  I got it in size 6, which is what I usually wear in bras.  I find the sizing consistent with most of their bras.  It fits very similar to the Free To Be Wild, which is basically very low support.  But pretty comfortable, doesn't dig in and is cute!

I took the back pic below to show how the straps lay on the back.  I hate it when bra straps dig into the skin but this one is just fine.

I like it!  I also like the black cheetah and plum colored straps together.

Since I've been eying the What'SUP Hat in dramatic static white/black, I thought what the hell and ordered it along with the bra.  I love it.  The color is perfect and looks exactly the same in person.  I'm happy I got it.  It will go with everything.  Love this hat!  I think this is the 5th What'SUP Hat I have.  =)

Oh yeah, I got another 3 pack of the Ivivva Everywhere Sock too.  I love these socks even though they are supposed to be for kids lol.  I even get size S/XS in them and they fit perfectly!  They are low rise, but pretty good quality with just the right amount of thickness!  Plus, prints are super cute.  The 3 pack is only $18 too which I think is great!  You just can never have enough socks to workout in.

I now own 3 sets of 3 packs:

pink shell/pigment blue/skye blue
aquamarine/flash light/sprinker

I actually also bought 3 pairs separately at one time which are on the bottom of the pic below, so here is every pair of Ivivva Everywhere sock I have lol.  2 out of the 3 pairs on the last row have different designs for each foot which I love too!

pink shell/pigment blue/skye blue
aquamarine/flash light/sprinker
hey sailor stripe/stars and stripes/white ready set go

So I have 12 pairs and I honestly wouldn't mind doubling it lol.  I actually think I'll replace most of my workout socks with these if Ivivva keeps making them.  They are all I like to wear nowadays!

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