Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This is somewhat of a different post.  I wanted to share something I've been using for quite a while and really really like - Munchery!  It's a website which has an app that you can download on your phone as well, and they deliver you food that you have to heat up yourself.  It sounds terrible lol, but it's actually really really good!  I've had them deliver to me probably 10 times or so already, and every single time I've had really great food created by top notch chefs, and the portion size is very generous!  Their menu changes weekly so you can always try new things.  The downside is of course if you really like a dish, you may have to wait for a while before it comes back onto the menu.  Yes you do have to spend about 10 -15 minutes to heat the food up, but the ingredients are fresh, and there are clear instructions on what you should do.  That's also how they can keep the prices at such reasonable levels.  Most of the time you can just heat using the container that the food comes, which are also recyclable.

Their app is pretty cool.  It has pictures of each dish, the chef that created them, cooking instructions, list of ingredients, nutritional breakdown, and user reviews for each dish.  You can also order up till a week in advance, for multiple days as well!  Once you place your order, the app shows the route that the delivery car takes, so you can track it all the way till it gets to your door.

So, they currently only service certain parts of LA, in addition to San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and New York, but they are expanding.  If you live in their service area, I highly recommend that you give it a try!  You can use my promo code for $10 off your first order:  D2344YTC.

This is one of my first orders from Munchery (all for 2 people lol).  All their dishes come in packaging like this:

On the back of each box, there are instructions on how to heat it up:

This is what each dish looked like after taking off the outer sleeve:

So as you can see, they have appetizers, soups, entries, kids meals, and even desserts and drinks.  For my first order, they threw in a free lemon cupcake dessert:

For kids meal, which I've ordered a couple times as appetizers, they come with gifts.  I've gotten fun glasses and this ring with moving eyes... haha:

Ok so for some other orders that I've placed throughout the past few months, I've taken screen shots of the dish on their app.  Now I'm going to put them next to how dishes turned out in real life.  They may not look as pretty as the official pictures, but they do taste great!

Vegetable Tortilla Soup - one of my favorites that I've ordered multiple times!

App screen shot



Hatch Green Chile & Corn Chowder:

Thai Style Spicy Mint Cauliflower:

Cheese Tortellini & Pork Sausage - not very healthy but really yummy lol

 Next to the tortellini in the pre-heated picture above is the Alaskan Cod with Summer Corn:

Lastly, the Pulled Pork & Roast Corn Bread

Funny I didn't realize until now, but apparently I was having a lot of corn in the above pictures lol.  So, the dishes I've shown are kind of their heartier meals that my bf tends to order more often.  But they also have a lot of great salads that I've tried.  All in all, as far as taste goes, I'd give what I've tried an average score of at least 9 out of 10.  That's the main thing that keeps me going back over and over again!  

I think I happen to live really close to one of their offices or wherever they store the food.  But each time after I place my order, they usually arrive within 20 minutes.  I've never tried the order ahead thing.  I just order on the spot.  I think only one time it took them 30 minutes, but on average it's pretty reasonable especially given how crazy LA traffic gets around dinner time.  I learned to read the cooking instructions on what I order before they get delivered, so I can time it and turn on the oven to preheat before my food gets here!  It's kind of a fun experience if you are a couple, or if you have kids.  You can all spend a few minutes together to "cook", and pretend like you are amazing chefs!  =)


  1. Ack! I hope they come to OC soon!!

    1. I know! I think they will... they used to be only West LA but now they've expanded to other areas like downtown. Although still not in Pasadena yet I believe. But their expansion seems to be rather fast. OC must be soon! =)

  2. We have a similar thing in DC from Galley foods. chef Galley has an app, too, and the food and delivery are great!

  3. This food looks amazing!! Normally pre-prepared food can look unappealing and dreary but this looks such a high standard. I wish we had something like this in Scotland!



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