Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alice & Olivia Stace Face Leather Coin Purse!

Earlier this year, I got a hold of the latest Starbucks Alice & Olivia Stace Face mug.  The mug is so darn cute!  Right after I got it, I went on a search for matching Stace Face accessories lol.  The "Stace face" design comes in a bunch of different items, like shoes (high heels, flats, sneakers...), purses, wallets, mittens, cell phone case, coin purses, etc.  I thought it would be cute to have a Stace Face item on while drinking out of the matching mug!  But everything was sold out back then and I slowly forgot about it.  However, last week I saw Alice & Olivia on Ruelala, and they actually had the Stace Face coin purse!  I just had to get it.

Here's the Starbucks mug and the coin purse side by side which I posted to Instagram lol:

How cute is it!  It's actually bigger than I thought it was going to be, and it's going to hold a whole lotta coins!

Since it's so big, it would up a lot of room inside of your purse.  But I think it's meant to be worn outside of the purse!  Kind of like a purse decoration.  I love that it's a decoration piece that's also functional though.  I do have a lot of annoying coins sometimes that I don't want to put in my wallet since they make the wallet so bulky!  If the coin purse is outside of the purse, it is also super easy access.  

I started trying it on with a few different purses lol.  I think it might look the best with my LV Neverfull GM, since the LV is so big.

It's also not too shabby on the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag I just acquired not long ago:

Looks terrible on the Balanciaga I think.  The unstructured style of the bag just totally clashes with the coin purse:

Kinda cute with the Chanel, but hangs a bit too low and can only be attached to the zipper pull:

 I knew it would be too big for the Rebecca Minkoff Love Chevron Quilted bag:

But I realized that I can just hang it higher since the Love bag has so much hardware that it can hang onto!

I decided I really liked that, so I took it to work yesterday exactly like this... hahaha!

Too much fun!!!

Ok, I'm a bit unsure of the material of this coin purse though.  Ruelala had stated it was genuine leather.  However, the sold out link to the Neiman Marcus site had described it as faux leather.  I think it feels more like polyurethane but I really don't know.  If that's the case though, then I think this thing has a pretty high price tag!  It retails for $150.  I paid nearly $100 on Ruelala, which is kind of a lot for a polyurethane coin purse.  But then again, it is a very distinct and cute style that matches my mug lol.

As far as purse decoration goes, it could be a lot costlier.  I walked into a Fendi store the other day and petted this $1050 monster fur ball purse charm lol.  I thought it was going to be like $500 at the mooooost, but when I asked the sales lady and she said $1050, I couldn't stop laughing.  It's cute though.  Just not $1050 cute!  I would just get something similar for like ~$20 on ebay.  But that sure makes my Alice & Olivia coin purse look like a steal!  =P


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