Thursday, September 24, 2015

Random Loves Lately

1.  Starbucks You Are Here Collection Water Bottles

So I thought I'd combine some random things in this post lol.  They are kind of silly to be their own, so might as well be together!  =)  First of all, you may know that I am a big fan of the Starbucks You Are Here mug collection.  Every city I go to, I buy one.  Actually, I buy 2, just in case I break one so I have a back up.  =P  They are really good and useful souvenirs, I think!  In my New York trip post, I posted a picture of everyone I have so far.  I have since gotten the San Francisco one too.  I actually grew up in San Francisco, but that was way before my mug collection started.  My only rule for collecting these mugs is that the city has to be a place I've been to before.  I'm hesitant to even take them as gifts when friends bring them back from somewhere I haven't been to.  It's just not the same lol.

Anyway, so I was randomly browsing the Starbucks website (I do this sometimes) a couple weeks ago, and saw that they now have a limited edition You Are Here water bottle collection!  Omg.   They are only for sale for a limited time too.  Some of the cities are already sold out now.  They are so cute!  I immediately bought 2:  Seattle and San Francisco.

After I received them and realized how awesome they are in person, I had to get more!  They are made of glass, but not the super heavy kind.  They are long and skinny, so they are perfect to put in the cup holders in your car, or to stick in your gym bag.  The lid has a very convenient handle too.  But you do have to screw it off to drink out of it.  

For the second round, I really wanted to get New York, but it was sold out already!  Sad face!!!  So I decided to get Las Vegas, and Washington DC.  Ok, I've never been to DC before.  But I have been admiring the DC design for years online.  I want to go to all the places with nice mug designs, so DC is on my list!  Lol!  Besides, my bf has been there before.  He said he'd use it.  So now we have 4 of these!  Taadaaaaa!  See how they are already being used too!  =D

I really don't care that I'm like a crazy person collecting water bottles.  I drink A LOT of water everyday, so I feel justified having many bottles to drink out of.  =)

2.  TOMS for Audi Shoes

The second item I got within the last week is the TOMS for Audi shoes.  I didn't buy them lol.  They were sent to me for free.  I guess they were a part of an Audi promotion, which stated that if you get an Audi car between certain dates then you get the shoes.  I didn't even know that when I got my car a couple months ago.

I have to say, I've always thought TOMS shoes were pretty ugly lol.  But I get that they have a good message and they give away a pair of shoes to a kid in need for every pair that they sell.  The Audi shoes are actually not bad at all though lol.  I do like the gray and red combo.

Look, they even have the Audi logo on the outside... lol!

I got these shoes in my regular size 6.  They are indeed very comfortable.  I've worn them around the neighborhood a couple times.  At first I thought I'd just keep them in my car as driving shoes, because who wants to walk around with Audi logo on their shoes lol.  I wear heels all the time, so it's probably a good idea to have some flat shoes in the car.  But these shoes are definitely growing on me as I wear them more.  I think comfortable things just have a way of growing on you.

3.  Lululemon What'SUP Hat

Yep, I got another Lululemon What'SUP Hat.  I haven't been buying anything from Lululemon lately.  This whole "Feeling" thing they've come out with is just creepy.  Definitely trying too hard.  Plus, what's up with the huge price hikes?  They've pretty much lost me unless I see a design I cannot live without, or find things on sale.  But I can't deny that I am a huge fan of this hat lol.  The latest one I got is in dottie dash, which I actually considered getting at full price.  But I put it off and then it went on sale for $19 last week!  

The other 3 I have are all darker colors, so it's nice to have a light one.  I am actually very tempted to get the current dramatic static one.  But here are my 4 all together!

These hats are not super consistent in sizing though.  They are all one size, but the dottie dash by far fits the loosest.  The black one fits the tightest.  The star crushed ones fit pretty similar, somewhere in the middle.  

What difference is visible on the outside is that the star crushed ones have a metal logo sewn onto the left side, and all mesh on the back:

Whereas the dottie dash and black ones have this little flap thing with the logo on it.  And the bottom band is not mesh:

All in all, not huge differences.  I don't really care how the logo is shown at all.  This hat just fits my head well.  I have a big head with a lot of hair.  This is the only Lululemon hat I've tried that actually fits my head.  They are great to wear while working out.  I've done cardio/conditioning, and weights in these hats.  They never slip off and they catch all my sweat lol.  So I'll keep buying them!


  1. I'm totally a fan of the What's Up hats too! You are right that it's the only Lulu hat that fits bigger heads. All the other cute hats just look funny on me. I already had the black and a dark floral and then got the Dottie dash on sale like you did. Big heads are a sign of intelligence I like to say! --Audrey


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