Thursday, September 10, 2015

Christine Bullock's Evolution20 Workouts!

So about a month or so ago, I had mentioned that I took off 2 weeks from doing weights at the gym, and tried out my trainer friend Christine Bullock's workouts.  I am finally getting around to writing about it!  Her program is called Evolution20, and I think it's a very solid program.  It has ten 20-minute workouts that you are supposed to do for 60 days, broken down into 2 phases.  You do phase 1 for 30 days, then move onto phase 2 for the next 30 days.  Each phase has 5 workouts consisting of foundation, endurance, balance, power and agility.  The workouts are kind of self-explanatory, but endurance and power are more like cardio/conditioning type of workouts, balance consists of many yoga moves, and agility has dance moves.  Both phases also come with a bonus ab workout.  In her own words, the workouts consist of "high intensity drills, functional bodyweight training, pilates, stability, plyometrics, yoga, super-setting and more!"

I gotta say, I found the workouts to be really fun!  Obviously I didn't do them for 60 days, but I've taken some of the exercises I learned in her program and added to my regular rotation of conditioning exercises.  I am going to summarize what I like about her program, as well as what I think could improve.

What I Like:

1.   Christine is hot!  And she wears cute clothes so it's fun to watch lol.  This is kind of important right??

2.  Her program is well rounded, with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises - you will get bootcamp type of moves, yoga moves, boxing moves, dance moves... everything!  But she has a focus on functional full body movements which I really like.  She also provides alternatives for people with different fitness backgrounds.

3.  This might be the most important point - her exercises are interesting!  She tweaks well-known exercises and adds something different or extra to make them new and refreshing.  I've been working out for a long time, and I don't usually see a lot of new exercises now.  But she has some seriously great moves!  I don't want to give her workouts away, but think single-leg burpees, break dance push-ups, crab crunch, plank walks, runner sit-up, etc.!  I really did learn quite a few awesome new moves!

4.  All the workouts can be done anywhere without any equipments.  This is great for travel, or workout at home if you can't make it to the gym.  Or take it with you to the gym!  The videos come DVD form, online via any browser, or you can use an app called Uscreen on your phone or tablet.  That's quite convenient since that means you can watch them at the gym and workout alongside the videos!

5.  The program also comes with a meal plan.  It lists out each meal, and has a lot of recipes.

6.  The price of the program is $49.95 which I think is reasonable for all the workouts and recipes that you get to keep forever.

What I Would Improve:

1.  Although it's nice to be able to watch the workout videos at the gym, I do wish she would have provided a written copy of the exercises in each workout.  I think in a public space, it is easier to read rather than watch a video and attempt to workout at the same time.  You could TRY to remember all the exercises, but there are so many and most of the time they are supersets.  So it is a lot to remember.

2.  She doesn't tell you how many reps of each exercises to perform.  It's time based rather than rep based, I guess.  But I am a little OCD and I just want to know that I've performed the same number of reps on each side!

3.  This could also be my personal preference, but I don't find the "foundation" workout very interesting.  But of course I understand that it would probably be very useful for someone with less experience working out in the past.  For someone like me though, I kind of had to throw this workout out.  So instead of 5 workouts, I got 4.  My favorites 2 workouts are endurance and power.  Those are the conditioning supersets that I have incorporated into my current weight training routine as supplements.


So in conclusion, I definitely think that this is a good program.  If you feel like adding something new to your workouts, or if you are looking for something to help you kickstart a fitness routine, I think this would be a great place to start.  Of course I can be a little biased since I know Christine and she is such a sweet person.  But I'd like to think I was being as objective as possible while trying out Evolution20.

There are trailers on the Evolution20 website for both phases if you are interested in exploring more.  You can also just get a power workout + nutritional sampler for $9.95.  Though if you ask me, I think $30 more for the whole program is a better deal.  =P

If you do decide to try out Evolution20, I would be very interested in your thoughts!  So please keep me posted on your progress!

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