Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lululemon High Times Pant Wrap Mesh Pretty Plume Angel Wing

I missed out on the Lululemon High Times Pant Wrap Mesh in pretty plume angel wing when it was uploaded to the US a couple weeks ago.  I was stuck in a work meeting that ran late and by the time I got out they were sold out.  They must've only uploaded like 5 pairs lol.  Luckily, the nice lady in Australia that got me the SE Mesh Wunder Under Roll Down pants in silver spoon found a pair for me in an Australian store and shipped both pants to me (Thanks again Y!)!  Nowadays the exchange rate is in the USD's favor, so even after paying for shipping, it still comes out to be about the same price as buying them in the US.  And they arrived in less than a week!  They were named Dance to Yoga instead of Wrap Mesh on the Australian website.  But the hang tag on the pants says "High Times Pant SE".

I got them in my regular size 4, and was initially a bit worried as I read some reviews that said the new full on luon material used in these makes them run really small.  But I am happy to report that they fit just fine!  The new material is just not as stretchy, so it's not as easy as most other Lululemon bottoms to pull them on.  Once they are on though, they feel nice and compressive.  Not constrictive at all.  But if you have bigger calves, I can see how the wrap mesh part would feel too tight.  The new full on luon feels nice though!  They are pretty thick, and somewhat between silky and velvety is the best way I can describe them.  They are high in polyester content (82%), which is a composition I usually do not like.  But they do feel better than most polyester blends.  They also pass the bend test, although that could be because the darker part of the pattern placed on the butt helps camouflage any sheerness.  I'm not sure how opaque they would be if the whiter part of the pattern was on top, like the Wunder Under crops in the same pattern.

I do find this pattern to be placed in kind of a funny way... like a blossom in a strategic area lol!  Apparently all of them are in the exact same pattern placement.  But most of my shirts are on the longer side and would cover enough so that it's not very blatant.  

Some of the lines in the print almost looks like wrinkles if you look up close.  But looking at the print as a whole, it kind of works.

I like the fading of colors on this print.  It's like a different type of ombre!

Love the wrap mesh detailing around the calves - that is what had drawn me to these pants the most:

The stitching around the mesh area is a bit crooked on the inside of the calves though.  It reminded me of the Splits59 Nova capris that I ordered and returned because the stitching was so bad around the mesh.  Maybe it's just really hard to sew a straight seam when mesh is involved??  (I know nothing about sewing.)  Or maybe they were made in the same factory as the Splits pants in China.

The stitching here doesn't bother me enormously since it's only on the lower inner calf area.  I don't find it to be super obvious when I'm wearing them.  But it might bother some people more.

Overall I like these though!  Despite the stitching imperfections, I do think the wrap mesh is very unique looking.  It adds that little bit of feminine detail.

By the way, since I had already ordered the silver spoon mesh roll down wunder under crops from Australia before finding out they were uploaded in the US, I ended up with 2 pairs when my Australia package was delivered.  I had already decided to keep (and wore) the size 4 from the US, so I was going to resell the size 6 from Australia.  But my mom was here over the weekend so I thought I'd ask her to try them on and if they would fit her then she could keep them instead and save me the trouble of trying to resell.  I took pictures of her with them on too... They turned out to be pretty cute on her, I think!  So I gave them to her, and everybody's happy!

Up until now, she only has had dark bottoms.  But it's so warm now and we live in California!  So I think it was totally about time to have some light ones.  Though I had to keep telling her that these are hard to find, and she needs to treat them like a national treasure!  Haha.  I think only Lulu addicts would understand this.  =)


  1. Your mom looks amazing and the crops look so good on her! I love my SE HT wrap mesh pants too - one of my favorate purchases this year.

    1. They don't look good on her! I was kind of jealous lol. =P

  2. The comment you made to your mom about them being like a national treasure is hilarious. I feel the same way! I ordered my pair on upload and it came with two tiny brownish dots on the bottom, like a vampire bite :/ I keep telling myself, no one can see, so it doesn't matter... but I am still annoyed!

    The high times wrap mesh are beautiful! I ordered the pretty plume WUC and got a pair with pattern placement I like (more white on top with the "blooming" on the calfs) and the naval cyber stripe high times and... some others, too. Lulu is killing me with their bottoms lately. Something's got to go back! Btw, the white butt on the pretty plume is sheer like you mentioned, but I think it's ok with the nude "light as air" undies.

  3. Who do you know from Australia who orders/sends you items? I'm wanting the blooming pixie high times really bad but so far AU is the only one who has gotten them.


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