Thursday, August 13, 2015

Onzie Tanks On Sale!

I was super happy with my very first Onzie item that I got recently - the Glossy Flow racerback tank in metal.  So I got 2 more Onzie tanks since they are on sale!

First one I got is the Knot Back tank in marina from Bloomingdales.  They have it for only $21 right now!  It's one size fits all, so that makes it easy too.  It's a nice medium blue.  It is definitely loose fitting on me, but I like loose tanks better than tight ones to workout in nowadays.  I think it's quite perfect.  It's also on the long side so it would fit somebody who is a lot taller than me (I'm 5'5).

The material is the same as the Glossy Flow tank, which is silky to the touch.  It also tries super fast and has enough weight to it that it drapes well.  I really like this material in a top.

The knot back is a cute look I think.  The only thing I'm a little concerned about this style is that it seems rather easy for the shoulder straps to slip off the shoulder during workouts.  But we'll see when I test it out.

Nordstrom also carries other colors in the Knot Back tank, such as neon rose (bright pink) and black, but they are regular price of $35.  Not bad though.  Carbon 38 has the metal gray one and Amazon has the exact same one I got in addition to purple and green, for regular price as well.  I think it's a good basic tank to have!

Nordstrom has the Glossy Flow tank in vanilla on sale for $24.  So I couldn't help but to pick it up as well since I like my other one so much.  I can always use a white-ish tank anyhow.

This is also one size fits all, of course.  I like the fit in this style a lot.  It works as a casual tank as well as workout tank.

This color is very similar to Lululemon's angel wing color, so I already wore it today with my new High Times Wrap Mesh pant in pretty plume.  I'm still really impressed that this simple style has such a perfect fit!  Love it.

Get these while they are still available!  Great deals!


  1. I like the tank and just ordered one to try! let me know how the straps hold up!

    1. The straps do kind of fall down, especially during my run. I ran for 15 minutes and probably had to pull the up about 3 times or so. So I guess it's not that great for cardio! But fine for weights or casual wear. =)

    2. Hey! So I don't love the knot back be it is way big and long on me! I don't know how you pull it off so well and u r same heightas me but you are smaller! I do love the glossy though and wa able to run with that one!


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